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Glow – Open Source Javascript Library by BBC

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Glow Javascript Library

Glow is a JavaScript library which aims to make working with JavaScript and the DOM easier. It tries to do this by abstracting common tasks, hiding cross-browser issues, and providing a set of user interface widgets. Glow isn’t the BBC’s first JavaScript library, although it is the first to be released as open source software.

There are a range of excellent open source JavaScript libraries available nowadays. However, on reviewing the major libraries, BBC found that none met their standards and guidelines, with browser support in particular being a major issue. Therefore, they decided to build a JavaScript library tailored to their requirements. Naming it Glow.

Glow is available under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0. This allows you to use the library in nearly all circumstances, and to modify it as you see fit.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.bbc.co.uk/glow/
License: Apache 2.0 License

  • Hirvesh

    It looks a solid javascript library. I also reviewed it, moments after it was released to the public here:


  • Rok

    This actually intrigues me knowing that masterminds of BBC finally released something opensource. I’ll be sure to try this one out.

  • sasha

    Total waste of time. I mean..
    glow.dom.get(‘p’) ???
    what about:
    $(‘p’) ??

    “glow.dom.get(‘p’)”.length = 17
    “$(‘p’)”.length = 6

    Get the picture?

  • I looked into Glow and didn’t get the idea behind it. Why they started a new project. It seems that they wanted to support old versions of Safari which are currently not being used. A good discussion about the topic can be found here


    Where John Resig talks about the first steps of the project.

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