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Open Source JavaScript Regular Expression Library

Posted · Category: Code, MIT License

JavaScript regular expression library

XRegExp is an open source (MIT license) JavaScript library that provides an augmented, extensible, cross-browser implementation of regular expressions, including support for additional syntax, flags, and methods.

XRegExp adds new regex and replacement text syntax, including comprehensive support for named capture. It also provides a suite of 12 functions and methods that make complex regex processing a breeze. And it lets you easily create and use plugins that add new syntax and flags to XRegExp’s regular expression language.

XRegExp is fully compliant with the regular expression flavor specified in ECMA-262 Edition 3 (ES3), and has been tested with Internet Explorer 5.5–8, Firefox 2–3, Safari 3–4, Chrome 1–2, and Opera 9. XRegExp uses feature detection—no browser sniffing.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://xregexp.com/
License: MIT License

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  • Looks promising… you never can have enough regex. ;)

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