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Open Source Pageflip Engine Written in AS3

Posted · Category: Gallery, LGPL License

MegaZine 3 is an open source pageflip/flashbook engine, written completely in AS3. It generates an interactive book, which can then be flipped through by the user. MegaZine 3 uses a completely dynamic approach, allowing full configuration through an external XML file. This makes it easy to set up books even if you do not even own the Flash IDE.

MegaZine 3 automatically generates a control bar that allows jumping to every individual page. It also generates thumbnails for the pages, to make it easier for the user to find a page again, or getting a first impression.

pageflip engine

Requirements: Flash Required
Demo: http://megazine.mightypirates.de/demo/index.html
License: LGPL License

  • Amazing. I was looking for something like that!

  • TonyV125

    I currently don’t have a use for this, but I’m so impressed with it from a design & feature standpoint that I’m tempted to make a donation anyhow to support it.

  • rahul

    hey friend this is really very nice….

  • AWESOME. This blows away any other similar product I have found, including all of the closed-source for-profit ones. Very well done.

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