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Moousture – A Mouse Gesture Library in MooTools

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

Moousture is a mouse gesture library with power and flexiblity to mould itself for you. Implemented on Mootools following the Object Oriented standards. Library is aimed to set out a future framework for mouse guesters for any browser including modern mobile devices.

Its based on three major concepts. A probe, which probes the pointing device. A monitor, which tests the stability of probed device on given intervals and accordingly notifies Moousture events (onStable, onUnstable, onMove). And a Moousture recorder class that records the mouse movements and invoke the guesture object passed to it. Each class allows you to tune the way gestures for yourself.

Mouse Gesture Library

Requirements: MooTools Framework
Demo: http://neofreeman.freepgs.com/Moousture/
License: GPL License

  • What’s worth mentioning is that, the library fully supports touch screen-based gestures (iPhone, the new Pre– all WebKit-based mobile browsers).

  • Gustavs

    Interesting but rather useless.

  • I have to disagree, the library has a lot of potential when it comes to mobile web-app development– Instead of tapping on the screen a number of times and, you simple perform a simple gesture.

  • Daniel Buchner


    Don’t hate on a absolutely useful and sick UI class.

    I think your waaay off on your assertion that it is useless, and so do the 3,673,860 other people who are using the Mouse Gestures Firefox Add-on. (that is the real number of users from the FF Add-on page BTW)

    Nuff said.

  • fan

    very cool…. it would be a good way to show an admin login..

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