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How to Create a Tabbled Content Rotator with jQuery

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Raymond Selda has published a tutorial about how to Create a Tabbed Content Rotator using jQuery and the interface library called jQuery UI. This effect can be used effectively on your homepage to present customers with your products and services.

After you’re finished, you can experiment and try placing the tabs above or lining them up vertically. Try looking up some websites that use this kind of interface for inspiration. Simple variations to the interface can be a great way to learn more about CSS.

Content Rotator

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.raymondselda.com/demo/tabbed-rotator/
License: License Free

  • David Carty

    Agree with a comment I read by Martyn Wynn – Looks fine but the personalized version of JQuery UI is very bad practice. This stops another instance of UI.Tabs working on the same page. Also UI.Tabs upgrades cannot be done independent of the personalized file.

    leave ui.core.js well alone.
    leave ui.tabs.js well alone.
    create a separate file for the additional functionality.

  • raj

    i face two problem with this.

    1.IE this tab not working

    2. when i reach bottom of the page at that it if image change then page
    automatically jump upward direction. i want with image my page not jump
    if user at bottom of the page.

    Help me some one………..i real need solution this problem.


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