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Giving Away 10 Sets of 275 Premium App Icons

Posted · Category: Announcement, Icons

We would like to celebrate the success of WebAppers over the past two years. Without your support, WebAppers cannot survive. We would like to say Big Thank You to all of our readers.

And also, we have contacted Function, and asked if they can give away few copies of their New Beautiful Premium App Icons ($20 /pack). They are very kind, and happy to give away 10 sets of 275 New Premium App Icons to WebAppers readers for Free!

Premium App Icons

How to Participate

In order to have a chance to get those amazing icons, you can simply leave a comment under this post. And then, we will randomly draw 10 winners on 1st June 2009.

Free Social Media Icons for Everyone

Free Social Media Icons

Few days ago, Function has also released a set of Free Social Media Icon Pack for everyone as well. All of them look shiny and beautiful. You can download them directly now. I am sure you will find them useful for your blog or web application.

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    Please pass on our thanks to all your team and the guys at Function.

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