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Hand-Picked The Best Fonts for Download

Posted · Category: Fonts

Fontex has spent plenty of hours to compile a list of hand-picked fonts for you. This is an amazing resource for everyone who would like to be presented with amazing free fonts to Download. They are adding some premium fonts on Fontex soon. The site is profesionally designed. With the help of jQuery, the site becomes more interactive as well.

Download Best Free Fonts

Source: http://www.fontex.org/

  • So is this the latest one of them for free fonts ? well good find ;) thanks for sharing.

  • This is a really cool website, the design is very nice and lots of useful fonts.

  • Thanks for sharing.

    Awesome website for font downloads.

    – Kamal

  • Thanks for this excellent resource!

  • Sander

    does anyone have trouble accessing this site?
    i keep getting “network error”

    can only think of 1 thing though i’m not sure, but this site is made available only in certain IP ranges? only for USA or something like that?

    i’m from belgium and the site just starts loading for 30 sec then gives a network error.

    anyway, even if i don’t get to visit it, it sounds like a great site, looks good on the screen, so i hope i might one day get to visit it :)

  • Great link! Thanks for sharing.

    @Sander: I’ve got no access problems from Germany.

  • Sander

    guess i figured it out.
    i can access it from home
    but something is blocking it @ my office…

    the admin toying with his firewall
    this is actually the first site i can’t visit @ work.

    anyway very easy to use website.
    great find.

  • neogrey

    well, lots of pirated fonts there, I’m just saying. Some of those are commercial ones (NOT FREE) so if you run into troubles….you were warned.

  • just checking the bottom text and says:

    “The fonts on Fontex are their authors’ property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. “

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