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Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry with TokenInput

Posted · Category: Forms, GPL License

TokenInput jQuery Plugin allows users to select multiple items from a predefined list, using autocompletion as they type to find each item. You may have seen something similar on Facebook or TextboxList by Devthought.

There is an intuitive UI for selecting multiple items from a large list, the layout is fully in controlled with CSS, and easily customisable. Also, the result caching reduces server load. Users can select items using the mouse or keyboard. TokenInput jQuery Plugin is released under GPL2.

Token Input

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://loopj.com/tokeninput/demo.html
License: GPL2 License

  • ian

    What’s funny is I clicked on this because I thought it said “Tolkienizing” and thought that would be pretty interesting. I need to slow down.

  • Daniel Buchner

    WOW! It’s just like the Mootools version but with less originality, less features, and a less intuitive behavior.

    Jeez, for all the copycats you see you would think some of these jClones would actually surpass their Moo originals…oh well…have fun jSheep!

  • Venkatesh S J


    I am new to jQuery, just a week old. This is an amazing plug-in you created. I am trying to implement the same for my project in which I am using the traditional AutoCompleteExtender control with webmethod (using .asmx). I tried calling a .aspx page in the url parameter for ‘tokeninput’. I reached the page_load of the .aspx and performed the necessary fetching of records. Now I am not understanding how to return the fetched results back to the ‘tokeninput’ control. Is there any way I can call a web method to achieve the same. It would be very helpful of you to explain me the same with a working example.

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