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Coding Anytime and Anywhere with PHPanywhere

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PHPanywhere is a web based free Integrated Development Environment or IDE for the PHP language, in other words it is an application that gives developers all the code editing capabilities they need to develop PHP applications online. It includes a real-time syntax code editor with support for all web formats and a powerful FTP editor.

PHPanywhere works in a browser, you can start coding right away, no need for installing anything. Best of all you can work from anywhere. You can also share your work and allow others to work on your projects on PHPanywhere easily.

PHP Anywhere

Requirements: –
Demo: https://codeanywhere.com/
License: License Free

  • A great tool indeed!

  • James

    Hmmm, I just tested it out, I created an account and attempted to add a new file, nothing, no error or anything. So I turned on firebug and spotted a few jscript errors. They’re using the EXT framework (which I quite like). Also they have a spelling error on the user interface where you create a new folder. Now I’m not normally this picky, but if you’re thinking of hosting your source code (something very dear to my heart), then if a simple mistake like this gets by what other issues might come up?

    I really like the idea and will visit it again, however I don’t think this is ready for primetime yet.


  • I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel about posting my code to another site.

    However, what I would love to see is something similar that I can install on my own servers. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Gustavs

    Seems to be broken down already. Aww..

  • Hello,

    My name is Ivan and am one of the founders of this project.

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting about PHPanywhere, we do appreciate it.

    As to your comments, yes it still is in the beta phase and hopefully a final version will go live soon.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. we fixed the typo :)

  • awake

    Ivan, I just registered but I’m not sure how I login.

    I was not ask or assinged a username. I’m confused here…

  • awake

    my username has a capital letter in it (DUH)…

    nice app. I’m not sure if enough people are comfy with coding directly from their browsers yet though (slowly but surely).

    Debugging and quick fixes… Yeah. Coding a complete app… I’m not so sure about

  • @awake

    the name you typed in is your user name :)

    kind regards,

  • uber

    very cool ivan. the simple matter of you using fluxbb tells me that you have a genuine interest in your work. good job!

  • derrick

    While I think the concept is superb, there are still a lot of UI quirks that frustrated me. Things such as not being able to use the tab key for indentation, no auto-indentation, no in-line syntax highlighting (you have to repeatedly press the button to manually apply highlighting as far as I can tell?), etc.

    I’m also concerned about security. The site should definitely be utilizing SSL to put its users more at ease, and probably shouldn’t be storing FTP server auth credentials.

    I’ll definitely be checking in on this in the future, though, as I think the idea has huge potential. Great job guys!

  • Thanks to all for the comments!
    @awake well the original use for phpanywhere was just to be a
    quick fix – while you’re on the road or just away for
    your computer.
    But check back in a month or so…you might be surprised ;)

  • Might come in handy some day when I don’t have mac nearby

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  • this tool is better becouse you don’t need post your code in other sites.

  • Nice app, keep up the good work Ivan.

  • @Toni Many thanks!

    @Nerjuz thank you for your comment as well, as we continue to upgrade PHPanywhere I hope we change your mind and favor our project more :)

  • @Nerjuz now that’s what I’m looking for. Will definitely have to try that

  • @ivan why I can’t see folders only files in root folder?

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  • pee

    it would be cool if u open a file and then there is a link to go to the url.
    for example you edit your site http://www.site.com and open the file contact.html, that there is a link to http://www.site.com/contact.html :)
    But very nice tool!

  • @pee

    Its on our to-do list :)

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