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Multiple File Upload Plugin with jQuery and Flash

Posted · Category: GPL License, Upload

Uploadify is a jQuery multiple file upload plugin which allows you to change any element with an ID on your page into a single or multiple file upload tool. The plugin uses a mix of JQuery, Flash, and a backend upload script of your choice to send files from your local computer to your website server. It has been tested on IE7, FireFox 3, Safari 3 and Opera 9.

jQuery Flash Upload Plugin

Requirements: jQuery and Flash Required
Demo: http://www.ronniesan.com/examples/file-upload.html
License: GPL License

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  • Serge

    This is great! Very well done. I can see this going into all the applications I have which require uploading (most of them).

  • Amazing, will use this in a lot of my apps :)
    thanks for sharing

  • scvinodkumar

    Excellent plugin. i am going to implement this in my upcoming and current project. Much more thanks.

  • Very nice. Been waiting for something like this. :)

  • Still-ify not as awesome-ify as Fancy Upload-ify is:


  • I think the most hilarious thing on the web right now is this sense that jQuery is charting all this “new territory”. I mean do you all think IE7 invented tabbed browsing too? Seriously people, with comments above like:

    “Very nice. Been waiting for something like this.”
    (waiting really? do a google search for christ sake!)

    I really seems like you all think this is amazing and cutting edge. Digitarald has had Fancy Uploader around for a couple YEARS, that is years…with a Y. So basically arter 2 years the jQuery crowd finally got around to copying another lib’s uploader and everyone thinks it is just so ground breaking…

    Just throwing it out there but who do you think invented the internet? Al Gore or John Resig?

    (hint: if you guess either one I would like to come to your house and throw a shoe at you.)

  • Works great, but I haven’t yet figured out how to get the file info, like filename and such.

  • DittoBox

    Be careful using this. Some corporate firewalls/proxies do not support uploading via flash (rather flash doesn’t support proxies well).

  • Alif

    Good work, it looks very similar to SWFUpload which also relies on Ajax and Flash. I have been using SWFUpload for years now, but, I think I will give this a try.


  • Ensar Şahintürk
  • Mike

    Hello! Great work!
    But I have one question. I need to sent a custom parameters to backend upload script (for example, AlbumID etc.). But the server script can’t get it. How to do that?

  • Thanks so much for this componet. Easy and great component for community.

  • Thanks for the press. I never thought my plugin would get so much notice in the community.

    For those that keep insisting I’m trying to reinvent something that already existed, it’s like saying honda shouldn’t build cars because Ford already created them however many years ago. Uploadify is just a different implementation. I wanted it to be easier to implement and hopefully it is.

  • Great plugin, I was looking for a jQuery version, not a Mootools version of these things, and this one looks like the best one.

    @Daniel Buchner – Mootools is great, and so is jQuery. In many ways jQuery lacks powerful functionalities but jQuery has the jQuery UI and other effects that make it worthwhile using, so I’m converting an entire web management app to jQuery base at the moment, to streamline things. Bottom line is that nobody gives a shit about what was first and what was not. Sure, IE7 did not invent the tab but who the fuck gives a shit whether people think it was IE’s invention or not? Makes no practical difference. I’m a business person first, and a web dev guy second – I don’t care if somebody else did this type of thing before. I remember I posted a funny article I found on the internet, and some weird nerds were doing the same thing on my blog, saying “Oh I’ve read this before.. fail!” and all that shit. What a bunch of losers. There were people who did not see it that got to enjoy it on my blog, that’s all that matters. Getting too personal with things that don’t deserve so much pride – it’s a problem, and people like you need to get out a bit, get around, relax, and just enjoy.

    Great plugin – I’m implementing it as we speak.

  • Priya Saini

    This is such a good plugin.
    I work on ROR, so can i use a ROR controller/action instead of a php script in script section?
    If yes, then how?

  • Lala

    wonderful plugin, thanks!

  • craig

    I use Andrew Valum image upload and modify it to a amazing upload without using flash.

    Check out http://www.diepbachduong.com/index.php/play/img

  • 似乎不支持中文啊?
    buttonText: ‘\u6d4f\u89c8’
    按钮上的文字是 U64F89C8

    The plugin has poor support for unicode char.
    I set the buttonText as following:
    buttonText: ‘\u6d4f\u89c8’
    Sadly, the text on button is U64F89C8, not the chinese characters which I want.

  • Do not use this script, it has serious problems with firefox and safari, that cannot be solved. some people say that there is a bug in flash, after I have done all the application with it, found out that bug after I deployed on the server

  • mostafa

    very good

  • Abberaazak

    very nice plugin

  • Please have a look in the code you advertise:

    if (file_exists($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . $_POST[‘folder’]…

    $targetPath = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . $_REQUEST[‘folder’]…

    Uploadify is very dangerous.

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