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Odometer Style Javascript Counter in Mootools

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

UvumiTools Odometer is an odometer style Javascript counter, where you can actually see the numbers spining. It is a Mootools plugin requires no Flash, it’s all CSS and Javascript. It can serve multiple purposes, like a live visit counter or a cashier style counter on a shopping website. It can be anything that involves updating a numeric value dynamically.

UvumiTools Odometer can be be updated manually or you can set it so it periodically calls a server script via an AJAX request and uses the returned value as a new target. This is also easy, you just need to specify the URL to that script when you initialize the counter. If the difference between two values is too big and the counter is spinning for several minutes. You can directly jump to the targeted value by simply double-clicking on the counter.


Requirements: Mootools 1.2+
Demo: http://tools.uvumi.com/odometer.html
License: MIT License

  • Does this come in jQuery flavor too? ;)

  • I think there is a jquery version somewhere…

    and I then I saw an odometer at odesk.com website before, I tried investigating and it was made with jquery, I tried to recreate their code, just for fun

    Thanks for sharing, hope to see the jquery version next

  • Arrgh, this mootools version is very slow.
    I tried to use their Go to: “2323232”
    and it made my ff3 unresponsive and crashed my browser.

  • tom

    another amazing one from BBC, i think custom JS, top right here:


  • It looks really nice. Any chance I can get this in Prototype? I tried looking around but no luck…yet

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