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Chevereto – Open Source One-Click Image Hosting Script

Posted · Category: GPL License, Hosting

Open Source Image Hosting Script

Chevereto is an open-source image hosting script that allows you to mount your own one-click image hosting on your server.  It is very simple to use, you will love it by their appearance.

It allows you to resize images, verify its integrity and integrate it with url shorteners like TinyURL. And also, you can install Chevereto quickly, requires no database and is configurable.

Requirements: PHP
Demo: http://demo.chevereto.com/
License: GPL Licenses

  • Maxim Zenin

    It’s on Spain olny and no easy way to localize, all strings are right in code :((

  • Looks really nice but its almost completely unusable to me as it always defaults to spanish which I just can’t understand. Hopefully the English version will come along soon.

  • Splatzone

    Hey, great link. I’ve installed it and it works great (too bad it’s all in Spanish, though!)

    I can’t help but notice that this blog and WebResourcesDepot have so many similar posts. It seemed especially strange that you both blog about the same script on the same day.

    Weird, huh?

    Are you affiliated in some way, or is there some content theft going on here?

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Splatzone

    I am a bit upset that I suspect the theme of WebResourcesDepot is “Highly Inspired” by WebAppers. And also the format of the post is so similar as well.

    WebAppers is not affiliated with WebResourcesDepot at all. However, I am not surprised to have the same web resource published occasionally, because we are both blogging on the same topic “Web Resources”.

  • Too bad its spanish…

    @Ray Cheung, Splatzone
    Both WebAppers and WebResourcesDepot are great website anyway and really useful ^_^

  • splatzone

    @Ray Cheung

    I guess you’re right, since it’s such a specific topic.

    I take any form of imitation as a compliment! :)

  • Multilingual support, improved docs and a lot of improvements in the new version (NB 1.4). Just released!.

  • Great script… Viva la Open Source!

  • Really admire the tiny url capability and ease of use, a great image hosting script – nice job

  • Really a great script. Awesome. Thank you so much!

  • Awesome Script. i installed it and have very positive response.

  • R Sheng Chew
  • If This Is Not Already Installed…
    Well Then…I HAVE NO CLUE AT ALL.
    No Seriously. I Do Not Know How To Do This.

  • Great script…

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