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Open Source Live Support Web Messenger

Posted · Category: Chat

Web Messenger is an open-source live support software allowing visitors of your site to chat with your operators. It makes easier to communicate with existing and potential clients. It will significantly increase conversion rates and online sales of your web site.

You can place the button of Web Messenger at your site. Your visitors click the button and chat with your operators who help them. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0.

Open Source Live Support Software

Requirements: PHP 5.0+, MySQL 5.0+
Demo: http://openwebim.org/demo.php
License: Eclipse Public License v1.0

  • Sander

    That is interesting
    don’t think i will be able to use it,
    nor does our company fit the profile

    but i tested around with it, and my first impressions were good, but i think its a very big step to actually implement usage of this tool on your companies website,
    someone has to be logged in as agent and has to be monitoring all incomming requests…
    not every company with a webshop is willing to put someone to this task. it is timeconsuming handling these chat requests professionally.

    of course its always possible to do it between specific hours of the day, the button shows online when agents are online so you can add to the button that asking questions is only possible between 13pm and 18pm every monday for example.

  • Tom

    @ Sander

    That was exactly my idea too. Maybe it would be possible to implement some kind of communication with an existing ICQ, Jabber, etc. account. That would not completely solve the problem but people often have their messengers on anyway.

    Additional feature: setting the status in your desktop messenger changes the status inside the web support client so people know when you are available.

  • Nice find. It really looks well done. A big German onlineshop had such a feature on its page and I used it to drop a short question. Quite usefull for such cases (and if you have dedicated support staff anyway).

  • Duuhh! Such a tool surely requires personell to monitor incomming requests, that is kinda the point with such a tool. Looking at the competition however such tools are very expencive, in the thousands of dollars. So getting this one for free is surely a treat, since I am usually online all the time anyway during the day it would be easy (if it’s not already there) to add a sound event when someone requests a chat. This means I could just have a window open in the background, and as soon as the melody starts pounding my speakers I know I would have to handle the incomming requests. It’s all about support, and if you want to give your potensial customers this option you would need to be accessible!

    I tested it and it looks very nice, if I descide to go for it I would also have to translate it to Norwegian which is why I have it on hold at the moment.

    Great find!

  • They already have the sound notification in place, so there you have it, :)

  • Reiner Worth

    Does this chat have the capability to monitor website visitors?

  • You have missed to include Desk Plugin, it’s a free jquery/ajax plugin that provides you with the ability to customize it without any need for jquery/ajax knowledge

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