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SitePoint CSS, HTML & JavaScript Online References

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The SitePoint online CSS and HTML references have been available for some time now, and have already become a valued source of free information for web designers and developers around the world. Recently, Sitepoint has announced a shiny new look to the SitePoint Reference Site and the highly anticipated first release of JavaScript Reference Information.

The look and feel of the old reference site has been completely replaced with a brand new slick, easy-to read design, including interactive examples, improved navigation, page layout and much more…

SitePoint CSS, HTML & JavaScript Online References

Source: SitePoint CSS, HTML & JavaScript Online References

  • I just installed SitePoint’s new “Firescope addon for Firebug” and have to say I’m impressed. http://tools.sitepoint.com/firescope/

    While debuging IE6 conflicts it comes in handy to reference the selector that’s messing up with Firescope/this reference site and see which properties are compatible with which browsers.

  • Great stuff! The JavaScript reference seems too small though… I was hopping a complete reference like the W3 Schools JavaScript reference. Well, The SitePoint’s JS reference is still beta so I hope they improve it in the future :)

  • I installed the firebug plugin from SitePoint just the other day and they do a great job. Heads up iPhone/iPod Touch web dev’ers -> I also found some great PHP and CSS reference tools in the iPhone App store, just search for CSS or PHP reference.

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