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How to Create a Vimeo-like Top Navigation Menu

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Janko really likes the top navigation implemented on Vimeo.com. He wanted to recreate it, so he has published an article called “Create Vimeo-like top navigation“.

We can learn how to create a functional and good looking Vimeo-like top navigation in this tutorial. What he likes the most is the menu that drops down when you hover search box. It offers you different search options that you can choose and narrow your search.

Vimeo Menu

Source: Create Vimeo-like top navigation

  • Tunox

    Ray, thanks for bringing this up!
    Neat and great looking menu indeed. However I’ve got problems showing it in Opera 9.6 and of course the bloody IE6. There’s also a slight mess up on FF3 (even in Viemo website) where the “join” dropdown falls behind the flash animation.
    However I’m gonna toy around and be inspired by the use of the rounded corners.

  • The drop down in the search box is awesome, great post!

  • uber

    Very cool menu, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

  • Thanks for the mention. Yes, it require some more work for IE6 and Opera because I usually don’t test my examples in that browsers. It’s personal between me and those two :)

  • nice dropdown menu.. showing power of css…
    good post…

  • nice menu.

  • Nice work Janko!
    Could you help me put it on MPLOYR.COM ? hehe

  • Suraj shrestha

    Nice tut! Really for the people like we who are still learning thanks!

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