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Comparison Between Prototype and jQuery Javascript Library

Posted · Category: Information

A while ago, we had a Comparison Between Zend and CakePHP Framework. A lot of our readers have given us some valuable opinions about these two frameworks. Now we are going to look at how Glenn Vanderburg compare Prototype with jQuery, and why he still prefers Prototype to jQuery.

He concluded that jQuery is a very nice piece of work, and makes some common tasks easier than their Prototype equivalents. Where it’s good indeed. But its design is uneven, and its scope is limited.

For him, at least, Prototype is still the tool of choice. he thinks it’s a richer, more thorough, and overall better designed library. You can view the detailed comparison of Prototype and jQuery here.

Glenn Vanderburg does not intend this to be an anti-jQuery screed. Neither is it an exhaustive comparison of Prototype and jQuery. Simply put: praise has been lopsided in favor of jQuery of late, and he feels like singing the praises of his personal favorite.

Please feel free to share your opinions about these two most popular JavaScript libraries.

Source: Why I still prefer Prototype to jQuery

  • Great to see a comparison post about these frameworks. Thank you!

  • john

    What i would like to see is a comparison of prototype to mootools. jQuerie seems to mee as a quick tool to do some ‘effects’. while mootools on the otherhand offers a way to build a aplication.

  • What version of jQuery is this based on?

  • fan

    I used to use proto’ then jquery. I’ve now moved onto mootools and will never look back!

  • Dann

    With the jQuery fanboy hype going on Prototype doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Good comparison.

  • I would have to strongly disagree with john’s comment. I use jQuery all the time for very complex tasks. I actually switched over from mootools to jQuery abotu half a year ago because I could do more complex things with jQuery.

  • Fransjo


    I use Prototype .. tried jquery but stopped using it. I want a framework for just functionality (prototype) and a framework to do the fancy gimmicks. Although jqeury has them both, I want those worlds sepparated (this way I can switch between gui frameworks very fast). At this moment I’m using YUI with Prototype and it’s a killing combination ;-)

  • I think that proto is often too bloated. Mootools has all the things you can ever need in designing an awesome, dynamic site while being hands down the best at effects and pa nosh as any framework out there. I used Proto, a little jQuery (on our our programmers uses it for our FF addons) and I have to say Moo brings a classical structure to JS like no one can!

  • qqrq

    Well in my opinion, if you want to build big widget-based, feature-full, AJAX-look-and-feel app, you should look at ExtJS. For other uses jQuery is most painless for me – I don’t like JavaScript in general.

  • nice info sharing. Thank’s a lot for informatif posting ^_^

  • Paul

    “Well in my opinion, if you want to build big widget-based, feature-full, AJAX-look-and-feel app, you should look at ExtJS.”
    Agree, I would also suggest checking the DHTMLX library, they have a great set of widgets, almost everything you need for web app ui.

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