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NETTUTS Shows Us How to Open Zip Files with PHP

Posted · Category: Information

ThemeForest has a nice feature; It allows the authors to upload zip files containing screenshots of their themes. A script then extracts these files and displays the images accordingly. NETTUS has shown us how to open zip files with PHP.

First of all, we create a simple upload form that allows the user to select a zip file. Ensure that the user chooses a zip file, and then save it to as a unique file. And then, extract the contents from the zip file and save them to a specific folder. And finally delete the zip file and echo out the contents.

Open Zip Files with PHP

Source: How to Open Zip Files with PHP

  • Great Tutorial..

    Nettus should be Nettuts, see post title..


  • Ray Cheung

    @ manS

    Opps….corrected now. :P

  • hey! i love the php icon you have, where ican download it?

  • Sharif

    Hey .. Nice tutorial and cooooooool icons :) i love it

    Thanks :) … i will test it soon :P

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