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Free Photoshop Browser Templates For Web Designers

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As a web designer, you are going to need browser templates. When presenting your work to a client, adding a browser frame around your design will help you or your client get an idea of what the site will really look like.

Here are the free photoshop browser templates for your professional screendesign come in 1024×768 pixels and 800×600 pixels size , all kinds of different browser (Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Camino and etc…) flavours. For both sizes, the safe viewing area is marked in a separate layer.

Browser components are also separated onto individual layers so you can adjust them or switch them off them as you like: Page title, Address field, Favicon, Scrollbar and Dropshadow. You can download this amazing package for free.

Photoshop Browser Templates

Update: Our reader has just pointed out that the browser templates are not updated which we have not realized. We have now found a source of Photoshop Browser Templates for IE 7 and Firefox 3.0 instead. Please feel free to download them.

Free Photoshop Browser Templates

Requirements: Photoshop
Demo: http://www.webdesignerstoolkit.com/
Demo: http://piksels.com/photoshop-browser-templates/
License: License Free

  • I’ve seen them a long time ago and my actual meaning is simple: these are way to outdated to be used these days. I’ve made my own to incorporate a browser feeling. Thing is: we do this to give the client a good look and feel of a design in the webbrowser. I think they should see the browser they’re used to. Not one that has been used five years ago.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Staxx

    Thank you for your valuable comment. We have been impressed with the number of different browsers the templates supports and missed the version of the browsers.

    We have just found another source which allow us to download the templates for Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 instead. You can see it from the updated post above. Thanks.

  • Much better! :D

  • This is useful stuff – I won’t get any client complaints anymore that they don’t know what it would look like in a browser. This is my first comment on your blog by the way, I’m loving your tools, I’ve used several already.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ newshoemedia

    Thank you for your first comment and I am glad that you love WebAppers. :)

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  • There is a vektor version of the firefox browser to:

  • benk

    There is another website offering really great browser templates including the web safe area. The templates for ie, firefox and safari are available in several screen solutions (640×480 to 1600×1200) and on different operating systems (windows vista, windows xp, mac os x)
    There are a lot of useful resources for designers on this page.

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