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jQuery.popeye – An Inline Lightbox Alternative

Posted · Category: CC License, Popup

We’ve seen a ton of Lightbox scripts used on an ever-increasing number of websites. However, Lightboxes are usually not consistent with the look & feel of the rest of the website, and they still feel like a kind of pop-up, since the image leaves the layer of the web page and opens up a new layer.

The author of jQuery.popeye wanted something more integrated in the flow of the web page – a box with a small preview image with caption, the possibility to flip through an array of more thumbnails and, of course, to show an enlarged version, all in one place. Lightbox offers that. Moreover, he wanted the box to stay anchored to the page layout and not hovering above it disconnectedly. The way to achieve this was writing a script which would fix one corner of the enlarged image to the exact spot where the thumbnail had been.

After toying around for a while, He decided to put the final outcome into a proper jQuery plugin and see, what other people think. May jQuery.popeye be of use!

jQuery inline Lightbox Alternative

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://dev.herr-schuessler.de/examples/jquery-popeye/
License: Creative Commons License

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