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PRADO – Component Framework for PHP 5

Posted · Category: BSD License, Framework

PRADO PHP Framework

PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5. PRADO stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented. A range of web applications have been built using the PRADO Framework.

There is a configurable and pluggable modular architecture and full spectrum of database support within PRADO. It supports AJAX-enabled Web components, Customizable and localizable error/exception handling and Generic caching modules and selective output caching. There is some sort of Security measures: cross-site script (XSS) prevention, cookie protection as well. Most importantly, Rich documentation and strong userbase will help you through.

The sole requirement to run PRADO-based applications is a Web server supporting PHP 5.1.0 or higher. PRADO is free. You can use it to develop either open source or commercial applications.

Requirements: PHP 5.1.0+
Demo: http://www.pradosoft.com/
License: Revised BSD

  • awake

    This framework rocks… especially if you’re coming from an ASP.Net 2.0 background.

    I just wish there was an IDE like Visual Studio for PHP tools.

  • How does compare to other open-source frameworks for PHP. Like http://codeigniter.com/

    It would be nice to have comparison of different frameworks :)

  • Does anyone know how well this framework scales up? Would it be useful for building extremely large applications?

  • qqrq

    Well, the whole thing is great, but mainly becouse it is something “new” in PHP framework world. JSF is much better (PRADO seems very similar), but PHP will always be few years behind, unfortunately …

  • nice framework .. it’s alwys reminds me of asp.net

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