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How To Create iGoogle Interface with jQuery

Posted · Category: License Free, Menu

Would you like to create iGoogle-like interface? NETTUTS has shown us how to create a customizable interface with widgets. Each widget can be collapsed, removed and edited. The widgets can be sorted into the three seperate columns by the user (using a drag and drop technique).

The user will be able to edit the color and title of each widget. Each widget can contain any amount of regular HTML content, text, images, flash etc. The finished product will be a sleek and unobtrusively coded iGoogle-like interface which has a ton of potential applications.

iGoogle-like Interface

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/127_iNETTUTS/demo/index.html
License: License Free

  • AK

    Thank you.
    That is really very helpful to me. I was actually looking for a guy who can do this. This is great thelp.

    Thank you Once Again

  • Milind

    nice one.. thanks buddy…

  • Cant drop pallet top left.

  • A

    @Johan it is because that one is a FIXED widget cant be moved.

  • Emily

    How do you save the new positions of the widgets?

  • MAR

    how can save new position after move

  • nbatorrent

    Great, I am just looking for this.
    However, I still wonder to know whether it could save the configurations in Cookie.

  • roopesh

    thx a lot buddy … looking for this from long time … you rox .. ;)

  • Abid

    Good! Its a great job done. Keep it up.
    Thank you.

  • Thanks for this great article. Best regards.

  • Thanks! You rescued me :)

  • Very Nice.
    But without saving unesefull.

  • deepti

    how to save widget positions in database.how its working .please help me

  • buddy

    Does anyone know how to save the settings in a cookie so it stays the way the user aranged it on reload? also how to put that cookie in say a SMF forum profile. I want to create a smf forum login on my main page and have this on it as well. saving all the users settings to their profile.

  • Thanks buddy, Very useful. Great work :)

  • Ammar


  • Ben

    Anyone find out yet how to save this?
    I will pay for that !!

  • Beautyful… and absolutely useless. It should be saved to stay in the same state after page reloaded

  • aaaa

    Agreed that it appears to be worthless without a way to save state when the user reloads the page

  • Dave

    Adding state saving is trivial–come on, people, don’t just bitch. Give something back.

  • Tom

    Any updates for the various errors that occur in newer versions of UI? E.g. the “emptyPlaceholder” doesn’t seem to be created correctly in 1.8.4. I get the error “cannot call method ‘hide’ of undefined”.

  • bharat

    Not working with IE9

  • Mario

    Who uses Internet Explorer, anyway?

  • Babanas

    the 40% of the internet users noob

  • Babanas

    the 40% of the internet users noob

  • Thomas Gruber

    So.. only 11% are left lol

  • Amol Shiledar

    how to use in IE

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