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Check Which JS Framework is Being Used Easily

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Ever wondered which JavaScript framework was used on a specific website but was too lazy to check the source code for the answer? Fear no more WTFramework is here.

Our WebAppers reader Oskar Krawczyk has written a pretty simple and straight–forward bookmarklet. Say you come across a website, see a few pretty cool effects and you’d like to know which of the some JavaScript frameworks (MooTools, Yahoo User Interface, jQuery, the infamous Scriptaculous, Dojo Toolkit, Mochikit, etc.) are being used to rise the magic.

Typically, you’d have to look for the script tag in the source. Well forget about it, now you have WTFramework – one click and a info pops–up informing which framework are we dealing with.

WTFramework bookmarklet

Requirements: –
Demo: http://nouincolor.com/wtframework/2.0/
License: License Free

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