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Add Voice To Your Website or Application with Ribbit

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Ribbit - Open Platform for Multi-Protocol Communication

Using the Ribbit Voice Platform, voice is now a programmable feature that is free from the traditional device. Going way beyond the call, Ribbit is an open platform for multi-protocol communication, empowering a new market of voiceware applications and services.

It can go anywhere… on a phone, on a webpage, inside email, and in an existing app. Voice can now live inside any environment including online communities or stores, CRM systems, call center applications, media properties – you name it. It can be captured, stored and sent in traditional and non-traditional ways…it is totally free for your innovation across any industry.

Coding voice as a feature is easy. Build your rich voice applications in either Flex or Flash. Their voice components are available in both flavors. Now you can easily add the ability to make and receive calls, record, send and receive voice messages, as well as add and organize contacts to your applications with the Ribbit API. Leverage the Ribbit Voice Platform to enrich your applications with voice, others have.

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Demo: http://developer.ribbit.com
License: Read License

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