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Chronoscope – Open Source Charting Platform for GWT

Posted · Category: Charts, LGPL License

Chronoscope is an open source release of a charting and visualization platform for GWT, used as the centerpiece of Timepedia’s website. Chronoscope provides a high performance, cross browser platform for visualizing possibly large and complex datasets. It supports interactive framerates on datasets with tens of thousands of points by using multiresolution representation and incremental streaming.

When the number of points about to be plotted exceeds a certain heuristic, Chronoscope falls back to a lower resolution representation of the dataset, which can be provided by the user, or automatically calculated by various filtering algorithms. This is similar to mip-mapping techniques commonly used in 3D graphics to reduce bandwidth and decrease aliasing. It also gives non-programmers intuitive controls over almost every aspect of the look of a visualization.

Timepedia Chronoscope

Requirements: Google Web Toolkit
Demo: http://timepedia.org/chronoscope/
License: LGPL License

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