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Giving Away 10,000 Free Business Cards with U-Printing

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For over 25 years, U-Printing has been a trusted leader in online printing especially business cards printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and also provide customers with consistently high-quality printing at the lowest possible prices.

U-Printing offers WebAppers 10,000 free business cards. We have decided to give away 1,000 cards to 10 readers. You can choose any of their business cards, including the eco-friendly cover stock (13 pt. Cover Uncoated – Recycled) or the the 14 pt. family in Matte, AQ, or UV at any custom size they offer such as square cards, odd sizes like 3×3, 2×2. I am sure you would really benefit from getting these free business cards to promote your design, coding or web services.

To participate, you can simply leave a comment about what you would use the cards for. And we will draw 10 winners on 1st Nov 2008. Act quick and have a chance to win 1,000 free business cards printing now!

P.S. The shipping cost will be free for United States and Canada only. So if they live outside those areas, you will have to pay for shipping but the cards will still be free.

  • I could use the cards to promote myself as a blogger. Its more profesional to share bussines cards with others.

  • If I win the cards they will help me market myself as a music producer and web designer to potential clients.

  • z2z

    I think this would help tremendously in promoting my services.

  • I could use the cards to promote my one-man webdesign-company.

  • I could use the cards to promote my new company.

  • I could use the business cards to promote my web design company PixelTalent since its officially incorporated now.

  • I’d love to use the new business cards to push my new friendly web design company – after all, iAmFriendly.com :)

  • ahjo

    I need cool looking business card in my new webdesign company. And… so my grandmother never losses my phone number again!

  • Business cards serve as an extension of your own personal brand. A well designed business card can go a long to to secure a potential client. I like to think of business cards as a powerful way to connect with people and for them to remember you. Based on what I said, I will find a new set of business cards extremely useful in putting my business in front of many new potential clients.

  • I also want a free way to promote myself.

  • Hello

    I’m currently starting my own web development “small business” called Jikohu Media and you can imagine that this package will be a very helpful hand for me and my online business :)

    I live outside USA / Canada, but paying the shipping tax it will not be a problem :)

    Best regards,
    Cristian Ciofu
    Jikohu Media

  • Dries

    I’m currently developping a large website about cooking, recipes and ingredients and would use the cards as a boost to promote the website with chefs, publishers, restaurantvisitors, …


  • I would love to have premium and free promotion material to show myself to the world!

  • Howdy,

    I would use the business cards for our new design company, Hired Guns Creative. We have some cards right now, but they need to be redone… made sexier.


    – Leif Miltenberger

  • Laf

    I would use cards to promote my one man development, hosting, Linux consultant company :)

  • Chad

    I would use the cards as post-it notes.

  • I will use the cards to promote my web applications company. Its a good way to announce your area of business.

  • Edwin

    I would use them for promotion or maybe as a wallpaper in my student room :)

  • Gunnar

    I would use it to promote my company….

  • Seb

    This kind of support may receive any print, but I would use it for promote myself.



  • I would use them to help me (i’m a freelancer) reach more clients just giving away my own business cards.

  • DVQ

    If I had a 1000 free cards I could fire them from a canon of the city.

    No, seriously I think the cards would really help spread the word about my business.

  • Fantastic opportunity to promote myself.

  • Ryan

    I will use the cards to promote my project at my final year degree show.

  • James

    I would like to use the cards to help me promote an initiative we’re running to stand against poverty in Africa.

    Am african and am proud to support my fellow africans in fighting against poverty! :)

  • I was anyway locking for some businesscards these days to promote myself and my stuff. Would need them to create relationships between me and new clients.

  • I could use in my small studio to integrate my design with the ones provided with uprinting.
    I would really help for my business.

  • One big house of cards coming up! :-D

  • I will use the cards to promote my web design study.
    I can go to fairs and look at the face of possible clients, because now don’t have and allways have to say: “I can’t give a business card because today I given the last”.

  • Don

    I’d use them for two simple things: 1) Promote my new publishing business; and 2) show them off and tell EVERYONE that they came from Uprinting.com!

  • I could certainly use them at an upcoming business expo here

  • Ed Dempsey

    I would use the cards to promote my services as a Graphic and Website Designer. Since I don’t have any cards now, it would sure be a great opportunity. Hope I win.

  • I’d love some new cards. Being a small business, it’s hard to cover some costs. Cards are something I’ve never had either the time or budget to fulfill.

    Free cards would help substantially :)

  • well, self promotion obviously… i that a lame reason?

  • Hey there.

    I am right now planning to get a new business up and running, here in germany.
    The cards would be perfect, cause I could use the saved money for other important bills.. :)

    Cheers from Bonn, Germany,

  • Nadaklan

    I would use the cards to promote my photography and website.

  • I would use it for my new webapp, Classtell.

  • To be bluffer, and to promote my work of course

  • Cubix

    I’m developing a project for helping the IT advance and gain popularity in my country.
    The project consists of several websites that are going to help integrate IT in my country as much as it could.
    The idea is because here we have very good professionals that we need to inspire, to do something great, to achieve greater things in life than just be satisfied with their average office in a company, and their average income.

    Yeah, i could use the business cards to spread the project in a more professional way, gain new partners, sponsors, etc :)

  • I would use the cards to print thought provoking haikus, which I would then leave at gas stations across America.

    And I would also use them to promote my business.

  • Developing a new free classifieds website. On a shoe string budget this would help a great deal. Much appreciated.

  • Jesse

    I would use the business cards to help launch my new freelance design business. That would be a great help and one less startup expense! Thanks so much!

  • Jim

    Entirely selfish: to promote my business in graphic design and photography. (For some reason, cards are expensive here in Sweden–as are so many things–so even with shipping costs, I am sure it could not be worse than getting it done here, especially for the opportunity to use more eco-friendly papers, which is VERY appealing.)

  • I think we all will use them to promote our business :)

  • SR

    I could stop handing out Barb’s business cards – mine ran out.

  • Steven Jarvis

    I would love to be able to try UPrinting’s services.

  • Brett

    I would use the cards for a new company some friends and I have started, in hopes that the cards would bring enormous amounts of fame and wealth and bacon-wrapped filets.

  • I Like your high quality design. thank you

  • David Gouge

    My wife and I would use these cards to print the first self-promotions for our new design company.

  • This is awesome. It would be great if I can get some to promote a project that I worked on this summer. Thanks a lot :)

  • sampi

    i would promote myself as a real somebody who has business cards =)
    also people will know that i mean business =D

  • I would use these cards to promote my new LLC – Desk Coder LLC. I am starting a Web Design and Development business.

  • I am starting a new web development business and would use the business cards to promote it.

  • I would use the cards to help us launch our new business, VirtualWaitingRoom.com, and spread the news about our free service that helps keep you in touch when it matters most. The website is being built with a ton of help and support from WebAppers.com. VirtualWaitingRoom.com would not be possible without this website and the people who support it!

  • I’d use them to promote my new business, which is about to roll out.

  • I would use the cards to help my wife promote her plant leasing business. She provides plants and plant care to offices and I just recently told her that she should have business cards stuck (on a stick of course) in each plant (she has something like 300+ plants located across various local businesses) to promote her new web site and the business as a whole.

    So when people ask “Where did you get your nice plants?” the answer is right there for them to see.

  • I would use these cards to promote my freelance web development company.

  • First of all, I’d like to say that I have purchased business cards from local printers, Vista Print, and UPrinting. VistaPrint was awful. Local printers were good, but very expensive. UPrinting quality was equal to that of the local print shops, but at a fraction of the cost. Id recommend them to anyone.

    If I won the giveaway, I would use the cards to promote a new company of mine – a company which aims to help people in local communities connect with one another and give things away, prevent unnecessary trash, and keep the environment clean.

  • I would use this to stop printing my own business cards and have more of a professional presence.

  • I would use the cards to promote my upcoming logo business, “Logos by Knight”, in development as we speak and scheduled for launch this week.

    What perfect timing.

    Thank you for this opportunity, I’m glad I made Webappers my homepage!

  • Convoluted

    I would use these cards to pass out to potential customers.

  • I am quitting my day job and getting back in to freelancing! Take that, weak economy!

  • I would use the cards to promote my new World Music Record Label based in India!

  • I would love to build paper castles as in game cards and take pictures of the new building with my company details printed on top of it!

  • If i deserve this cards i would use them to promote my upcoming blog which is about environment.

  • having been travelling for a few years im trying to think of ways into the IT/web dev industry without to much experience.

    i would give the cards to local hotels and small shops as i offer them free websites and (cheap) hosting to build a portfolio so i can show experience and get a job working for a web dev company :)

    thats the plan anyway.

  • Yo dudes/chicks, We would use the business cards to promote our site in the ICT area, there for helping people get crunk at the lowest cost possible. Its a win-win for everybody :)

  • I would use them for self promotion of course! The design is already done and was just looking for a quality printer. Low and behold… this post showed up and I thought I’d give the contest a try!

  • mel

    Grow my design business and make new contacts!

  • Mmmm….

    I would use it for my startup, impress my mom & put it on top my papers!.

    Oooo, maybe get customers… that could be handy.

  • I really need some professional cards to reflect my number of years of web design, social media and teaching experience. I plan on starting my own consulting business soon, and want to have cards which will showcase my professionalism and talent.

  • Hey my birthday is on Nov 1st!!

    I would use the business cards for my Web Design and consulting business: http://launchhosting.com

    [Insert creative part that will insure I win here]

  • Fantastic opportunity to promote myself.

  • I am nearly done with college and will be starting my own business shortly after completion. Some cards will surely help with grabbing clients and getting my name and brand known!

  • John

    I’ve just made the decision to start freelance web development, and this could help a lot with getting it kick started. Thank you.

  • My partner and I have just launched a new business, and it’s a bit scary :( We’ve yet to get business cards printed up and we really need them. It would be awesome to not have to invest money in them right now :)

  • I would use them for my web development business, WebLogiX di Giovanni Cappellini.

  • We just moved from Spain to the U.S. and are sorely in need of new biz cards. So, we’d use them to promote our web design business.

  • Macca

    I would use them to start a new project that will take personal branding to the next level. In this experiment I will be using new media to generate business leads.

    Instead of printing traditional contact details the cards will represent clues on where and how to connect with me.

    Don’t want to give away all the details but it will be awesome.

  • Hope I win these! Could surely use them :)

  • I’m currently looking for a job and planing to do a little freelance work, so I would use them to give to my future employers or possible clients.

  • Howdy. What would I do with 10,000 business cards? That’s easy.

    You see, I am the proud co-owner of my very own business. This business has been my life long ambition. I must admit, being a small business owner is a lot of hard work and long hours. Bills are plenty, and balancing the budget is a strenuous activity to say the least.

    So, free business cards would be great. You see, business cards, in my case, aren’t just a simple means to hand out my contact information. For me, business cards are vital tool to help me live my dream, one that I don’t yet have.

  • Will Lau

    This may seem a bit far fetched. But big things only exists because someone once dreamed big.

    I will use the cards to promote my company that a my buddy and I started. (I’m currently still in highschool, our school provides this unique course) It’s primarily providing environment friendly, recycled, and/or biodegradable stationery for large companies and hospitals.

    Over 50% of the profit will be donated to the less fortunate kids all over the country. So they have a chance to go to school as well :)

    We’re only students, so as you can imagine, our budget is really limited. I really hope we could win this! :)

  • Alchemyst

    I need the cards to promote my web design and hosting business. I am ready to enter full force and need a boost for my local market.

  • Thank you for the card drawing. I run a .org website that makes no income and serves public educational online services, so this would be useful to allow me to print some cards to be able to promote the site a bit more effectively.
    Warm regards,

  • I could totally use 1,000 cards to help me promote my online service (OSNAP.net) which is on its last legs. See, OSNAP.net will have been around for 11 years (as of November 8th, 2008) and I haven’t been able to do much with it since last year. Therefore, I’m giving myself a short few weeks to get my damned act together or kill off my dream project.
    I would print an “I’m putting up or shutting up” message on each card, passing them out like crazy; All with the hopes that each person that responds to the cards would force me to get off my dead ass and make something of OSNAP.net.

  • I could use some new cards as the cards my employer gave me a card that emphasizes too little my role on it.


  • I would use the cards to promote myself as a designer.

  • Print more business cards for self promotion- or if possible split between buddies as I do think 1,000 for me is overkill at the moment.

  • Twice

    I would use the business cards to give them away. Isn’t that noble? ;)

  • Shane

    I just started a Web Marketing company and would use the cards for that.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I have 1 business card left, and $0 to invest in more. This is exactly what i need for continued promotion.

    Then again, someone else is probably more deserving.

  • Rich

    my new business, been working on during the college year so far would be great to get some, as I am doing computer work and such and everyone is always asking me know if I have a card!!

  • Jakot

    I would use the business cards for spread my hopes, my laughs, my dreams.

    Thanks, nice blog

  • I’d use the cards for my work as a freelancer. They are always leaving my pocket.

  • I keep wanting to get some cards made for my recently-started home-based business but have yet to find the time. This would be my opportunity.

  • nikos

    I need them to promote my freelance development activities

  • It would help us tremendously at the 509 project, a non profit organization to reduce poverty in haiti

  • Lincoln

    I would use them to promote my growing freelancing business.

  • Guillaume

    Will use it to start on my own!

  • Woooow… November 1st is my Birthday!!! and Webappers always with awesome gifts. I’ll use this business cards to give a more professional look to the promotion of my Website. Is not to good to write address and phone numbers in a piece of paper.

  • Derek

    I have never had business cards before. These would be my first. I hope I win.

  • Max

    I would use the business cards to Free myself from the daily grind of the 9 to 5.

  • Patrik

    Aside from obviously promoting myself via the business cards, I would be more than happy to inform the recipients of my cards as to how I received the cards and from whom i.e. Web Appers & UPrinting


  • Never had a business card before. U Printing have some fantastic templates to choose from. Will definately be a step in the right direction in promoting my business.

  • Max

    Could use it to promote my new e-commerce site.

  • Using it for my sweet-tastic web app company of course!

  • I would use my kinetic energy to light them on fire like to throw at things. Naturally, they would explode.

  • SR

    I would be interested in getting real business cards for my web business. I’ve been printing them on index cards and cutting them out.

  • Amre Ellafi

    I will use this cards to promote uprinting and webappers ! humans love free stuff !

  • Dre

    I would promote my new midget in lawn chair website. It is gonna grab the world by the pant leg!

  • I would use the cards to promote my company, Bit Armory, Inc. My original way of getting new cards is printing them with Avery templates. I’d like to see how U-printing would make my cards :)

  • I could use the cards to promote my three startups.

  • Nik

    I would give them to clients, friends & family to show them my new business!

  • Cory

    Since they’re free, I would like to use them to impact society. Maybe I would print anti-hate messages on them and give them to people, leave them as tips or hand-offs to anyone I meet.

    I could probably come up with a use that had more impact than that. :)

  • I used for my business.

  • ForestMist

    Like many others web folks I would find self promotion to be the most obvious use.

    Flicking them around like Gambit isn’t a bad idea either… *VOOM*

  • I would use the 1000 cards to do magic tricks ;-D

  • I work for a non-profit organization. We need business cards. It would be great if we are lucky enough to be picked!

  • I would use the cards to promote myself and my business.

  • Hi,
    My friend and I recenlty started CreativeKonnect, a 3 member design and marketing team focusing on providing Web Design, Print and Advertising services. The card would be used to network with clients we meet.

    – VIkram

  • I will use the cards to promote ennovateNIGERIA. Give it to us in Africa!

  • I would use the cards to give out to people to enable me to promote my service and ultimately make lots of money ;)

  • Clark Valberg

    Would like to print out some cards promoting our new site ShabbatClock.com and leave them at local Kosher restaurants.

  • I would love new and ideally free business cards to help promote my new advertising agency.

  • :) Great opportunity to promote my company. ;)

  • Andrew S

    I would love to get some new business cards to promote my new online event business!

  • I will use the business cards to promote my freelance activity.

  • Would be useful for promoting my web contractor business

  • I would build the most bad ass business card castle ever.

    I’m talkin’ 3 master bedrooms and finished basement.

  • I need them to promote my freelance development activities

  • This would help me promote myself as a graphic/web designer. Would be great to win as I’m currently building a new site and will def. have to get some cards printed up.

    If I don’t win pick Justin above me.. But only if he agrees to send pictures.

  • Vlad

    Cards for business!

  • I am getting ready to start a new blog/website and would use it to promote that.

  • John Skrotzki

    Need to update my business card to reflect my new direction…

  • Sean B.

    A much needed updated card for my web dev business. My current cards have an old phone number! (Plus I’m tired of the design, of course)

    Maybe that’s why I never hand them out.

  • Jordan Destree

    Well, here is my story.

    As a current a college student, any opportunity to win free stuff is an A+ in my grade book, especially business cards! When I find time, I manage to run a small business where I take creative portraits and wedding photography to earn some extra income. My business is mainly word-of-mouth and these cards would really aid in my marketing efforts. I plan on attending a few wedding trade shows this year so I could really put these to good use.

    Hopefully my story will a happy-ever-after ending and take home some biz cards from U-Printing & WebAppers!

  • Allan Catadman

    I would use this to promote myself as web designer specialty in Disaster Management Community here in the Philippines. I have done many websites for NGO here but havent really market myself as designer for NGO’s


  • Dejan

    i would like to have those cards as well, to promote my web-related work

  • Would like to use the cards to hand out to ministries, missions and ngos that help feed the starving, cloth the naked and bring good fresh water to the thirsty. Why? Because many times they can not afford the higher end websites, and those are the type optimized to reach the broadest audience, give the best stickiness and provide a way to let people know what is going on in the other parts of the world.

    That is what I would do, because it is the bulk of the web design I do anyway. But it is hard to get people to “hear” you, this would help.


  • I’m a freelancer, and winning these business cards could be a help to find clients.

    Good luck to all!

    David Carreira.

  • João Carvalho


    If i win these cards, the first thing I do with it is offer some of them to the company that I worked, because I can get some jobs of them. :D

    (sorry for bad english)

  • I just about to launch my new business website for my part time web development business and would like to them to help market and share my contact details


  • Raanan Avidor

    I need an amazing card in those amazing time.

  • subu

    ditto to Ant!

  • Will be very helpful if I win this bussiness cards from Uprinting.com, I just started new business which is tight budget. Therefore, I hope I will win….

    TQ Uprinting.com for the greater quality of product and Webappers.com for give us the wonderful opportunity…


  • ~emc

    Over the last two years, I’ve discovered the rules of print media ~ “business cards.” Which, naturally, differ from our screen media. I’ve found that logos are not as important as a heavy card stock. Also the back of the card must be free from any design, and both side needs to be fully writable.

    Business cards are a tool used by buyers to transport information about sellers. Make sure the clearest thing on the card is YOUR NAME not your company’s name.


  • NeoSeo

    “For over 25 years, U-Printing has been a trusted leader in online printing ”

    They were online before 1983?


  • I would use U-Printing’s awesome giveaway to help promote my design services as well as my blog. I was recently axed by my company as a result of the agency closing its doors, and I’m finding the costs of running your own freelance operation to be overwhelming. Something like this would be a huge help to jump-starting my promote-ability. Is that even a word? Well best of luck to everyone!

  • I work for a non-for-profit adoption/foster care organization. If I win the free business cards it will help me share my organizations services.

  • Cards are a an effective way to make people remember me and our business. It’s a fantastic chance to get great quality cards, and increase the oportunities of success.

  • working on a website, and business cards would be a another great way to promote the business! :-)

  • Balint Orosz

    I would use the cards for my brand-new web business idea. I can’t tell you much, but focus is on the quality. Real quality websites! :)

  • Davs

    In first place, thanks to webappers & u-printing to do this give away.

    If I win, I would promote my services as a web designer.

    I want to win :D

  • I like free stuff, and free business cards will certainly come as a nice gift.

  • Dmitri

    Having recently started a new business on a very tight budget and being greatly in need of some well made cards, this would be a fantastic prize to win! We’re pretty much on the brink of a worldwide recession and every little bit helps and is appreciated! :)

  • Brian

    I’ve taken a look at this company in the past when looking to order business cards and was quite impressed with the feel of your company. I ended up going with a different printer who was local, and I was disappointed with the way that transaction was handled. I’m now looking for a new printer, and if I like the quality, Uprinting may see some decent repeat business from me.

  • I would love to print some business cards and let everyone know I used uprinting.com

  • Amazing business cards..
    I like the design, it’s so cute. :D

  • izne

    would use them to promote myself as a web developer

  • Nice giveaway! I would use the winnings to print my series of self-promotion business cards. There are 10 designs included to create a series of colors, good representation for a creative designer.


  • It’s time to rebrand myself, cards would be great!

  • jaque

    Use the cards to rebrand and relaunch photography website.

  • I work on a non profit website (http://www.th8revolution.com/) promoting peace and healthy living through spirituality and yoga. We also donate related books to local libraries and for free distribution in places of worship.

    These cards could be used to raise awareness of our website by sticking it on all of our donated books.

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