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A Clone of Classic Lightbox But Sexier, More Lightweight

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

SexyLightBox is a clone of the classic lightbox, but it is more lightweight and it looks sexier. It was built for web designers, so it is really easy to install and use. SexyLightBox supports all sorts of images of different sizes and HTML elements. The images larger than the browser, are adjusted automatically to see them completely. I really like the bouncy effect when the box comes out and resizes.

Requirements: Mootools Framework 1.2
Demo: http://www.coders.me/ejemplos/sexy-lightbox-2/
License: MIT License

  • great view at ie but have a problem at the firefox, images not loaded… (ff 2.0.17)

  • BeeRam

    That really looks very good! nice and clean… think I am gonna look further in to it, search for some posibillities like changing the ‘animation’ easily?

  • I also tried on FireFox…it didn’t work…on Opera 9.52 also it didn’t work…but the lightbox has a beautiful visual…

  • Delapouite

    Sexy ? Corners aren’nt antialiased !

  • Very clean, I like it. AJAX and iframe support is great.

  • Indeed it is very clean and sexy. reminds me of some website I saw that was made in flash.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Ohh! I love these, I’ll just add this to my collection. :)

  • great view at ie but have a problem at the firefox, images not loaded…

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