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Seven habits for writing secure PHP applications

Posted · Category: Security

Today, I have found a nice article from IBM about “Seven habits for writing secure PHP applications“. Security in a PHP application includes remote and local security concerns. Discover the habits PHP developers should get into to implement Web applications that have both characteristics.

When it comes to security, remember that in addition to actual platform and operating system security issues, you need to ensure that you write your application to be secure. When you write PHP applications, apply these seven habits to make sure your applications are as secure as possible. It includes Validate input, Guard your file system, database, session data, Guard against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, Verify form posts and Protect against Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF).

Source: Seven habits for writing secure PHP applications

  • Really good tips and info! tks!

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  • Good tips, but I would hope for any serious web programmer many of these would be common sense. Although one thing that I realized I should be doing is checking GET requests where ID numbers are used for just numbers.

  • Thanks, a really important article.

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