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UvumiTools Image Cropping for Mootools

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In today’s web2.0 era, more and more websites are user generated and boast dynamic content. Users sumbit text, images, videos, providing content for entire web sites. Most of the time, people submit photos straight from their camera because they don’t have photo editing programs or they don’t know how to use them. This simplified tool gives your users the ability to create a selection area that can be used to crop an image, live on your web site.

With UvumiTools Crop, you don’t have a dozen handles and double-click features. Drag from the middle to move, tug on the lower-right corner to resize, and that’s it. Simple. To use this plugin you’ll need Mootools 1.2. UvumiTools Crop must be paired with a server-side script that will actually be able to so something with the coordinates.

Image Cropping for Mootools

Requirements: Mootools Framework 1.2
Demo: http://tools.uvumi.com/crop.html
License: License Free

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