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SQL Buddy – Pretty Web Based MySQL Administration Tool

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

Some applications look great in a screenshot, but deliver disappointing results when they are actually used. The driving force behind the development of SQL Buddy was not to produce a great-looking screenshot but rather to create a product that would enable developers to enjoy their work and get more done in less time. SQL Buddy is a web based MySQL Administration Tool similar to phpMyAdmin.

It is really easy to install SQL Buddy, just unzip the files to your server and its ready to use. You can easily find the data you are looking for with columns that can be ordered and resized. And instead of reloading the entire page structure with each request, ajax is used to fetch just the content that has changed. At the same time, it still plays nice with bookmarks, the back button, etc.

SQl Buddy - Web Based MySQL Administration

Requirements: –
Demo: http://sqlbuddy.com/
License: MIT License

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