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Decorate Your Site with Free Flash World Clock

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ClockLink provides fashionable yet free online clocks made from Flash that can be easily embedded in your web page or in your blog. All you need to do is simply paste the tag on your web page. You can choose a time zone for your clock so it will show the correct time, and they also provide a variety of selection, including Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks, Count Down Clocks, Count Up Clocks, World Clocks, and many more. Decorate your website or blog with ClockLink’s clocks now.

Free Clocks

Demo: http://www.clocklink.com
License: License Free

  • Do you know of any comparable Javascript or JQuery resources? I refuse to use Flash on websites.

  • Pristine

    I’ve never understood why a website would need to display the time. Wouldn’t the visitor, who’s presumably visiting the site from a computer or phone, be able to tell the time himself/herself?

  • I have one valid reason for a website I’m working on: We do business internationally, and one feature we’ll be offering is a “What time is it in ….” where the user can see the time in, say London, when they’re in Los Angeles.

  • Webkid

    @Brian: jQuery == javascript, anyway check http://www.ajaxrain.com or http://www.scripteka.com for good resources.

  • Pristine

    @Brian: Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing it up for me!

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  • basitjee

    Coooooooool, great.That is a fantastic word.
    Pristine, think that you want to built an information system, any MIS (Management information system) based on web.And you need to display clock on the web page, so the people working on the application be aware of the importance of time, as the thing clicking infront of them will keep them remind the time left on any task.Yes, there is time in system tray, but fairly tell me how much times you check it out.Only then when your brains clicks on to check time.But if there is a clock infront of you , you will be much more aware.There are many many other reasons to display time in web

  • I like more the free flash clocks at the free flash clocks blog, but clocklink has good ones too, but the ads that show up on mouse-over are not a plus definetly, that’s what i think anyway.

    Thanks though, glade i could help here too.

  • Yes they have professionals flash clocks, i have been looking and following their work for quite some time, at some time i did not know how to create flash clocks with the design and quality that they do, today i am only focused in creating a world map flash clock like the one they have created, it is taking all my free time.

  • the world clock widget on my site has stopped working..
    http://www.clocklink.com/  is not available.

  • the world clock widget on my site has stopped working..
    http://www.clocklink.com/  is not available.

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