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Carousel.us – Javascript 3D Carousel with Scriptaculous

Posted · Category: CC License, Menu

Carousel.us is a Javascript 3D carousel, using the prototype.js and scriptaculous.js frameworks. It also uses PHP Easy Reflections by Richard Davey. You will find a configuration file which you can define the default parameters or you can also define them via URL using the GET method. You can set the Reflection opacity, Reflection height, spacing between images, Position of the carousel center, Carousel speed and Add onclick event on each image.

Requirements: Prototype and Scriptaculous Framework
Demo: http://www.piksite.com/carousel.us/carousel.us.php
License: Creative Commons License

  • The demo is horrible if you ask me. Really hard to get the item you want.

  • Kevin

    This one is really awesome!

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  • James

    Very nice

  • Lance

    Epic fail by resizing my browser window.

    Effect is nice once I stopped swearing.

  • Not as nice as you say because the dimensions of the picture are the same in the background and in the foreground. It’s not really realistic.

  • Isn’t this just a port of one of the (now old and mostly deprecated) jQuery interface demos http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/carousel.html ??

    Still good to see the other JS frameworks catching up :P

  • And to think the output could work much smoother when ported to a different JavaScript framework. I might just have the time this weekend to do a MooTools port.

  • very fast

  • shakuni

    Just change the speed in the conf file if you don’t want it to be fast. Simple?

  • Stefan

    The usage is absolutely unsuitable. Takes a while til you make out how to select an item.

  • ahamed

    this is sumthing that i was looking for.

    but ive got a small problem. i have around 50 images to put.i can get da 50 images up and da spinning this works but wen i click on an image to open the description page it doesnt work. it works if i put 28 or less images.

    can any one give me a solution on how to make this working for around 50 images??

    thanks in advance

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  • mary

    hi. I have a problem. I’m using this as an application menu. but nothing is done to visualize once rise to the server. my server is linux. Typically, but I can see it in a machine and can not otherwise see. : S please help.
    ==not much English. So sorry if I write wrong

  • César

    Having a hard time with carousel.us coz it doesn’t display characters like “ã”, “é” properly.

    I put it inside my php page that it’s working fine with Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br language), but the plug-in doesn’t.

    Any way around this?

  • Irvin

    how about the header carousel in the website of olympic.org, how did they do that?

  • The domain it’s sell or something. Waht a pity.

  • nice and lovely article

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