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The Winners of Wix Web Design Contest

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for voting your favorites for Wix Web Design Contest. I am happy to announce the winners

1st Place: Sushi Mushi (260 Votes)
2nd Place: Wood Grille (144 Votes)

The winners please send your PayPal address to me via the contact form. And I will send you the payment as soon as possible. Thank you so much for all of the participants.

  • shw

    I won! :D
    I want to thank all you guys and girls who voted for me! I want to also thank Webappers and Wix guys (and girls? :)) for organizing the contest.
    Congratulations for the 2nd place! It was fun competing with you :)
    I’ve had fun using Wix – hope all of you’ve had fun too.
    And all of you who didn’t try it – please do – it’s really easy and fun – maybe there will be another contest and you will win! :)
    Have a nice day (mine already is)!

  • congratulations on your win! obviously a talented web designer :)

  • JohnnyWildcat

    Congrats SHW. Wood Grille here, it would have been nice win first, but I’ll take second!

  • Harvey

    I thought the Wood Grille should have won first place. It was more of a webpage than the one that came in first. I don’t see how it got so many more votes than all the others. Next time I think the contest runners should pick the winner instead. What do other people out there think about the results???? Where is SHO located?

  • lghdesign

    I agree with Harvey, no offense to shw, but I don’t feel that the sushi entry fit within the criteria of the contest. Yea it was kind of cute, but it wasn’t a website.

  • shw

    No offence guys but learn to read – “10 days to create a flash website or __widget__ based on the Wix platform”.
    I’m not a fan of flash sites but for widgets – Wix is a perfect platform – that’s why I’ve made a widget for the contest.
    I’m not going to lie – reading what you wrote doesn’t make me happy – quite the contrary – it hurts me a little. But anyway – like it or not – the readers’ve decided (the poll was secured against multiple voting).

  • Harvey

    Yes the site was secured from multiple voting, but there are other ways (if you dont already know) to be able to vote from your IP address by blocking it. You shouldn’t be hurt you won $700. Do you think yours really was the best? Or just a popularity contest? It’s just odd you got so many more votes one day, in just a couple of hours.

  • shw

    Did you really check the votes? Because I don’t really know what are you talking about! First day I’ve checked and noticed that the voting has started I’ve had like 40-50 votes and about 10 votes more than the second place. Later (next day maybe) I’ve had about 70 votes on the 2nd place and the first place (Johnny) was winning with like 3 votes. I was sure that I’m going to be second but – things changed once again and I was gaining more votes than Johnny.
    I don’t know how to cheat this voting system – I have no control over my public IP (which is public IP of many computers in my ISP – even my girlfriend living few streets from my home couldn’t vote for me because of that).
    If you think my desing sucks and Johnny should win – with the knowlage of how to cheat – why didn’t you – we at least wouldn’t have that conversation.
    Recently I’ve lost in another contest – a lot bigger price and wasn’t happy about it – but people have chosen and decided that someone was better in that area than me. Like it or not – that’s better than just one man’s decision. You don’t like my work but you have 259 people that thought otherwise (I’m counting my vote).

  • Philip

    I guess you didn’t cheat, because your not smarter enough to spell DESIGN. With your great creativity, I would stop just entering contests and start making $$$$ with your wonderful widgits………..

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