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Meteora Cross-Browser Widgets and Controls

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Meteora Cross-Browser Widgets and Controls

Meteora is set of cross-browser Widgets and Controls that allows you to quickly write rich and customizable web applications without having to waste time reading full pages of documentation or programming excessive javascript that is painful to debug in every browser.

Meteora is an Open Source project based on the great mootools framework and it’s released under the MIT license. Scripts that already work with mootools can be used with Meteora too. View the demo, you can see what it can do for us.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://meteora.astrata.com.mx/pages/demo
License: MIT License

  • James

    Hmmm, didn’t seem to work too well in Safari 3.1.2, Firefox 3 (Mac)

  • BuBu

    Same thing on windows browsers..

  • Jim

    Beautifully done, and useful. Not quite ready for IE 6 or 7 though, as some fail in that browser. And since 65-70% of users are on IE, I have to take them into consideration. Will watch with interest as this develops.

  • I also had problems in firefox3 mac. Didn’t try safari, but a third of it doesnt seem to work and there are some rendering issues with a couple other things.

  • Rob

    Yeah, bubble demo looks bad in FF3 on windows, functionality fails as well. Not ready for prime time yet…

  • Beethoven

    Its based in mootools 1.11 and mootools is in 2.0 release. Its a good idea but i’ll wait too.

  • useful, beautyfull, but had problems

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