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ToobPlayer – Lightweight FLV YouTube Video Player

Posted · Category: MIT License, Video

ToobPlayer is a lightweight FLV player component that comes in five flavors, provides a mechanism to play back YouTube videos, and can also display preview images. Nowadays, YouTube is more popular than you can imagine. A lot of people upload their videos on YouTube. It would be very useful when you would like to embed some Youtube videos on your site.

ToobPlayer is resizable with full-screen mode. It allows several video resize modes. It gives you loading status feedback. It supports mouse-wheel (Seeking/Volumn Control). And you can customize ToobPlayer easily as well.

ToobPlayer - FLV YouTube Video Player

Requirements: Adobe Extension Manager
Demo: http://emehmedovic.com/xmca/toobplayer/
License: MIT License

  • Edwin

    Wow :) This one is at least as good as JW FLV Player</a. I like it. Thanks!

  • Edwin

    Mmm… a pitty that there isn’t an edit-function here. But I think JW FLV is easier to install then this one…

  • fodcj

    Very Nice!

  • Mike

    Great find, thanks!

  • Patlaj

    Hm, the thing I like about the JW FLV player is that I don’t even need to open Flash to embed a new video. I just encode as FLV, put it on my server, and edit the Javascript to point to it.

    This looks nice, and I may use it, but I’d prefer not to have to go into Flash every time I want to post a new video.

    Or am I missing something?

  • Praveenkumar Nayak

    Good Looks..!!

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  • jos

    Very nice…. good

  • Andrew

    doesn’t work in adobe flash CS4 :(

  • Very nice!

    Check the link in this comment to look at my example implementation. Looking spiffy.

  • flower

    doesn’t work in adobe flash CS4 :( :( :(

  • thx ;)

  • pablo

    yes, it works in CS4, maybe you`d opened an old project from CS3 in CS4 without reinstalling the toobplayer extension in the CS4

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