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SPAW – GPL Web Based WYSIWYG Editor Control

Posted · Category: Forms, GPL License

Web Based WYSIWYG Editor Control

SPAW Editor is a web based in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor control. It is a replacement for standard HTML textarea fields for rich text content editing. It includes lots of exciting features. The followings are the 2 major and interesting features SPAW Editor provides.

Tabbed Multi-document Interface
New industry unique tabbed multi-document interface feature. Now you can edit virtually unlimited number of HTML snippets in a single WYSIWYG instance. This can save a lot of screen space, unnecessary scrolling and loading time compared to other solutions where you have to load as many WYSIWYG instances as HTML snippets you want to edit.

Floating/Shared Toolbars
Multiple instances of SPAW Editor can be controlled by a single toolbar. This toolbar can either be attached to one of the instances or float around the screen. This way you can save loading time and achieve a better level of integration of the editing area into complex designs (no toolbar overhead).

Requirements: –
Demo: http://spaweditor.com/en/disp.php/en_products…
License: GPL License

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