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WMD – The Wysiwym Markdown Editor

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free, MIT License

Wysiwym Markdown editor (WMD) is a simple, lightweight HTML editor for blog comments, forum posts, and basic content management. You can add WMD to any textarea with one line of code. Add live preview with one line more. WMD works in nearly all modern browsers, and is now completely free to use. The next release will be open source under an MIT-style license. This is not a normal WYSIWYG editor.

Wysiwym stands for What You See Is What You Mean. WMD produces clean semantic HTML, leaving presentation details like fonts and colors up to style sheets. But you’re not left in the dark about cosmetics; as you type, WMD’s live preview shows you exactly what your text will look like after the current styles have been applied.

is a simple markup language that’s as easy to read and write as plain-text email. WMD uses Markdown as an input format, converting it into HTML behind the scenes. You can also mix raw HTML with Markdown, so the full expressiveness of HTML is always there if you need it.

The Wysiwym Markdown Editor

Requirements: –
Demo: http://wmd-editor.com
License: License Free , MIT License

  • Many thanks for sharing this, I use markdown for blog entries in my own site and this editor looks fantastic.

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  • Unfortunately there’s no love for Safari – which is really interesting, since of version 3, Safari supports wysiwyg mode.

    I’m personally just waiting for a new player in the wysiwyg-editors area – sometimes I dream about dropping the use of TinyMCE in my agency, which doesn’t happen since… well… clients.

  • WMD guy here. Oskar, WMD ought to work just fine on Safari; it’s actually my main browser, so I’ve tested it a lot. If the demo isn’t working for you, email me (support at attacklab dot net) and we’ll figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

  • Very nice piece of work, its actually very useful in CMS development and it doesn’t mess up style sheets. Two thumbs up from us.

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  • john liang


    If I attach an image in the WMD editor, how can I retrieve this image in PHP and save it as a BLOB in my table?


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