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SimpleModal – Lightweight jQuery Modal Dialog

Posted · Category: GPL License, MIT License, Popup

SimpleModal is a lightweight jQuery plugin that provides a simple interface to create a modal dialog. The goal of SimpleModal is to provide developers with a cross-browser overlay and container that will be populated with data provided to SimpleModal.

jQuery SimpleModal

Requirements: IE 6+, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari 3
Demo: http://www.ericmmartin.com/simplemodal/
License: MIT and GPL License

  • I could find really useful the “contact form plugin”…. great!

  • wow, nice contact form!

  • Sauron

    Great scripts :D

  • @Ray – thanks for the post!

    @everyone – glad you like the script(s). I hope to put up some more demos in the future!

  • Sam

    GREAT JOB MAN! ;-) This is PERFECT!!!

  • Thanks for sharing this. Looks easier to implement than the UI and interface versions.

  • Kennard

    super great bro.. nice info. thanks!

  • Suhael

    Hi Eric,

    First of all good work!

    I am using the confirm modal in my projects. I also would love to see whether i can do a modal dialog with a textarea to gather user comments and a submit, close/ cancel button?
    whats your comments on this? is it good to modify your code?


  • Ibit

    You can refer to a simple compilation of the modal window and browser close event from here

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