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ModSecurity – Open Source Web Application Firewall

Posted · Category: GPL License, Security

Open Source Web Application Firewall

With over 70% of all attacks now carried out over the web application level, organisations need every help they can get in making their systems secure. Web application firewalls are deployed to establish an external security layer that increases security, detects, and prevents attacks before they reach web applications.

Web servers are typically well-equipped to log traffic in a form useful for marketing analyses, but fall short when it comes to logging of traffic to web applications. In particular, most are not capable of logging the request bodies. ModSecurity makes full HTTP transaction logging possible, allowing complete requests and responses to be logged. Its logging facilities also allow fine-grained decisions to be made about exactly what is logged and when, ensure only the relevant data is recorded.

In addition to providing logging facilities, ModSecurity can monitor the HTTP traffic in real time in order to detect attacks. In this case ModSecurity operates as a web intrusion detection tool, allowing you to react to suspicious events that take place at your web systems.

ModSecurity v2.5 is now available. Some of the new features include: parallel text matching, Geo IP resolution, credit card number detection, support for content injection, automated rule updates, scripting, as well as many others.

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Demo: http://www.modsecurity.org
License: GPL License

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