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AtMail Open: Redefining Open Source Webmail

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AtMail is an open source webmail client written in PHP. They aim to provide a elegant Ajax webmail client for existing IMAP mailservers, with less bloat and a focus on an intuitive, simple user interface.

Open Source Webmail

The open source version of AtMail provides users with a lightweight, yet powerful webmail client. The software can be installed on a variety of platforms with ease and without the hassles that most webmail platforms impart. Traditional desktop mail clients are in decline; the future of email is via a web interface. AtMail is poised to deliver the next generation in Open Source Webmail.

Open Source Webmail

Requirements: –
Demo: http://atmail.org/demo.php
License: Apache 2.0 Open Source License

  • David

    Kick ass Webmail app, I recommend it!

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  • matt s

    looks impressive at first glance… be nice to see a head-to-head comparison of atmail and roundcube.

  • jopp05

    I think rouncube is a great option too (http://roundcube.net/)

  • I bet I could integrate with cPanel.

  • atMail is really great for a simple and intituive IMAP web based mail. I have used roundcube and atMail, both are great, probably atMail is more stable because roundcube is in beta testing, thought i have never seen an open version of atMail. Does anybody knows if it is from the same people that made the paid atMail? (atmail.com)…. i had to use roundcube for the web site of my faculty (www.fstuisek.org) because the commercial version of atMail you have to purchase and our site is non-profit. Anyway i will install it and test it, hope there is no security issues :)

  • Its terrible, I switched our entire company to Zimbra because the Ajax simply did not work.

  • It looks pretty fine…
    But we really have other greener options like Taroby, which is a saas application, and could be accessed from anywhere across the globe with the help of a browser and internet connection. Taroby works with a “unique and green concept” of a “team inbox” allowing sharing of e-mail accounts among the members of the team.

  • koji

    We bought the commercial version in our organization (actually 5000 mail accounts) and it has been a total disaster, we’ve gone back to our previous webmail (squirrel) due to the problems and the fatal support by atmail (we opened like 20 errors/questions remaining unsolved and without response for more than a month).

    -Lots of problems with charsets (We use catalan as main language), causing the mails not be viewable in explorer and others shown as void e-mails when they had content.

    -Lots of little bugs annoying users (drafts losing fields, no priorities shown, session timeout without announce, iSync not working fine …)

    But the worst is not having response from the support team for the errors, we’ve been losing a lot of time triying to patch the system for ourselves, but finally we decided to return to the previous webmail…

  • fastopa

    We have been using AtMail for almost 5 years now. We pay for support. However, support from AtMail is non-existent. We have been trying for months now to get AtMail to deal with some issues and they have not dealt with them. They respond, but do not actually do anything. Functionality claims are not always supported.

    As email is very important and downtime cannot be tolerated, we are now switching to Zimbra. I must say, a much better product. Slightly more expensive, but well worth it! There pricing model is very flexible allowing for different types of users.

    It is also a true MS Exchange replacement with full mobile syncronization support. No BES server required for Blackberries.

    There support has been very good. Anyone considering a collaboration suite should have a look at this.

    Beware of AtMail promises.

  • sp3icher

    yeah…. i realy like it

  • Martin Gess

    We have also same support problems from Atmail. The atmail support team is disaster!

    We ordered a license with basic support.
    I sent several mails but they dont reply on time. Everytime I have to trigger support guys. But I solved many of problem with my self. I am looking for another webmail solution.
    Most probable I will try 0.3 version of roundcube.

  • fastopa

    We have now been running Zimbra for 4 months now. Great app. We have done a couple of updates/upgrades which have gone without incident. Our users love it.

    Support is excellent via blogs, forums, and Zimbra sites. The user community is very happy to help out. And with 50+ million users there is lots of experience out there.

    There is a paid for Network Edition as well as a free Open Source edition. We use the Network Edition due to some of the worthwhile features it supports.

    We did not try Roundcube, however I have heard good things about it. But do give Zimbra a try. Just make sure you follow the installation procedures closely, especially the DNS, (we learned the hard way) and you will have trouble-free, comprehensive email & collaboration. Mobile sync works well for Blackberries & iPhones. The Zimlets can be very useful.

    Be happy to share our experiences

  • nomad

    Atmail is not redefining anything, it’s crap. The paid version looks good but no way I’ll pay $400 for a F’ing email are they F’ing crazy ? Going Open Source these days is just ane easy way for companies to push a free crap product in order to get people to upgrade to the paid version. It’s an easy way to scam people.

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  • The software is great but there is no support. Jhon and Ben will only contact you or reply your mail at the time of license renewal only. If you think you just dont need any support after paying huge amount of money… go for it….

  • Anonymous

    Software is crap. Support is non-existent. Features which were promised were later stated as “only available in the next version release”. Beware of Atmail. If you have other options, go for it. Skip this one.

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