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jQuery Interactive Date Range Picker with Shortcuts

Posted · Category: Calendar, CC License, GPL License

jQuery Interactive Date Range Picker is a modified version of jQuery UI’s Datepicker. This version is optimized for quickly selecting a date from a list of preset dates/ranges, and they added smooth transitions when additional options are revealed. The modifications include:

  • shortcut links to preset date ranges, for example, “Past 30 days” or “Current YTD,”
  • links to “All dates before…” and “All dates after…” to simplify selecting a range of values where the data set is very large or the high or low end value is an unknown
  • only showing the number of calendars needed for choosing a particular range

jQuery Interactive Date Range Picker

The interactive date range picker shown is not coded for ease of modification, but is free to reuse and modify with a proper attribution to Filament Group. You can visit the demo page and view the source code to see how it works.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.filamentgroup.com/examples/datepicker/
License: GPL and Creative Commons 3.0 License

  • interesting

  • Wouter Van den Neste

    This seams to be nice :)

  • Not a huge jQ fan but this piece looks (and works) pretty amazing. License type kinda sucks though.

  • jquery is so beautiful

  • so beautiful !

  • fantata

    Great work, really really nice.

  • Nice post but I need a date range picker with customizable date format and input text field to post the picked range.
    Could anyone help?

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