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Javascript Information Visualization Toolkit

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JavaScript Information Visualization Toolkit (JIT) is an advanced JavaScript infovis toolkit that was based on 5 papers regarding different information visualization techniques. The JIT implements advanced features of information visualization like Treemaps (with the slice and dice and squarified methods), an adapted visualization of trees based on the Spacetree, a focus+context technique to lay Hyperbolic Trees, and a radial layout of trees with advanced animations (RGraph).

Javascript Information Visualization Toolkit (JIT)

JavaScript Information Visualization

These are the different features of the JIT toolkit. It’s still on an alpha state, but it’s very well documented and on active development. The library consists on standalone libraries. That means at the moment you won’t be able to include more than one visualization library per page.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://blog.thejit.org/?page_id=14
License: Creative Commons 3.0 License

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