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Custom Javascript Dialog Boxes with 4 Styles

Posted · Category: License Free, Popup

When we are developing web applications, we always need some kind of dialog boxes to inform the users the status of the system. Leigeber has put together a lightweight (~4.5kb) JavaScript dialog box library. The script currently offers four dialog styles: alerts, warnings, prompts and success.

JavaScript dialog box library is nothing to add to your page except references to the JavaScript and CSS if you choose not to incorporate them in your existing files. The Divs are dynamically added to the DOM when the function is called. The function currently relies on a content wrapper to calculate the page height however you could use the body height but the background overlay would only cover the currently visible content. The variable for the wrapper ID as well as the speed and timer settings are available at the top of the JS file. The script is tested working in IE 6/7, Firefox 2/3, Opera and Safari.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://sandbox.leigeber.com/dialog/dialog_box.html
License: License Free

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