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Send Notifications Instantly with Growl Mootools

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If you are using Mac OS X, you should have come across Growl. Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X, it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications. Notifications are a way for your applications to provide you with new information, without you having to switch from the application you’re already in. I think this feature is really useful for our web applications as well. Daniel Mota has created Growl 2.0 with Mootools, so that we can easily integrate this effect into our web applications.

Growl 2.0 with Mootools

Requirements: MootoolsFramework
Demo: http://icebeat.bitacoras.com/mootools/growl/
License: License Free

  • I’m loving this, I can’t wait to use it.

  • Love your Blog keep up the good work.

    Growl is the best notification tool for mac 0s

  • Rafyta

    looks odd on the iPhone

  • I think this is great for webos like or other one-page ajaxified web applications. I’ve done the other part for Firefox though, which makes it possible to send notifications from a webpage through JavaScript to Growl (or Windows alerts or the similar alert system in Linux).

    The extension is in beta, but I haven’t created an English site for it yet. I think I’ll do this in a few days. Until then look for the Callout 0.x link here: http://lackac.hu/articles/2008/03/26/rendszeruzenetek-firefoxbol-es-turulcsirip-growl

    And check out the javascript code snippets on that blogpost too. Hint: you can use this from GreaseMonkey as well.

  • Tobz

    I’ve used this before, its pretty nice but only seems to work properly in firefox.

    I try to get it to fire on pageload ff is fine, ie, safari, opera only fire on first pageload. wish there was documentation.

    its great to have js growl though(well for me anyway as I use ff)

    ps: if fired from click event works fine. can’t figure why domload is bung

  • Tobz

    ah this is version 2.0 maybe fixes problem. will try it out.
    and he’s now telling us what mootools components to use (I had to figure it out last time)


  • Thanks, I like it. I hope there’s a jQuery version of this

  • Ive been meaning to write a jQuery based Growl system, this might be a good base to start off..

  • Indeed this notifier is quite something but a few days ago I’ve discovered that Digitarald has created his own Growl-like notifier which I’d prefer to use since it’s more configurable. http://digitarald.de/project/roar/1-0/

  • I’ve recently released ‘jQuery Growl’, which is a jQuery version of this same functionality.


  • window.growl ported to jquery about two years ago http://alexsancho.name/archives/2006/11/windowgrowl-con-jquery/

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  • For web alerts of a different nature, try Stitcho (Stitcho.com.

    Stitcho lets you send desktop alerts to your users from your web application, with support for Windows and Mac.

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