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noobSlide – Mootools Slide Show Image Galleries

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

noobSlide is a mootools based slide show gallery. You can see 7 different styles of images galleries / slide shows. I think they are working smoothly and looking nice. However, I particular like example 6 and 7. If your web application / website is already using mootools, noobSlide is definitely a good choice to power your image gallery. noobSlide is licensed under MIT License.


Requirements: Mootools Framework
Demo: http://efectorelativo.net/laboratory/noobSlide/sample.html
License: MIT License

  • If I follow these links I get to a site with lots of commercials and my virus scanner pops up with a virus altert!

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Hanna

    I experienced that too 10 mins ago. But it seems like it has back to normal now.

  • No sorry, it is still a commercial site with a virus.

  • nope… still… I experience the same thing…

    is there any direct link to that?

  • Ray Cheung

    That is the direct link to that site already. And I have put up a notice on the post now.

    Some users have reported that the site contains a virus, therefore we have removed all links immediately.

  • czaja

    theres no virus !!

  • No probs with virus here. I have to say that MooTools is absolutely superior with animations. This gallery script is awesome. I personally am a jQuery fan, but these kind of smooth and fast animated scripts make me wander in the direction of mootools! Great link!

  • mike

    Works fine for me, no virus detected.

  • viruz? oh noez! :

  • No virus detected on KIS7 :)

  • Hi every one
    I moved the script to own place

  • Ray Cheung

    The author has moved the script to a clean hosting place now. I have re-included the links in the article.

  • Thank you … this has me very helped.

  • Wow, that is very cool.

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