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Ext.ux. YoutubePlayer Makes Youtube Player Looks Nicer

Posted · Category: LGPL License, Video

Are you bored with the look of youtube videos player? The Ext.ux. YoutubePlayer is a user extension that utilizes the Youtube Chromeless API. You can embed any Youtube video into Ext native controls and place it in your application wherever you want. It’s like a mediaplayer built on top of Ext JS and the Youtube API.

Ext.ux. YoutubePlayer uses Ext native components to control the video loading/playback. It’s capable of showing the buffer status and the playback slider let’s you jump to any position in the video playback. You’ll also be able to mute/unmute the video and set the overall volume. It makes the video player looks a lot nicer.


Requirements: Ext JS Framework
Demo: http://www.siteartwork.de/youtubeplayer
License: LGPL License

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