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Enhance CSS Functionality with MoreCSS Javascript Library

Posted · Category: CC License, Framework

MoreCSS is a small JavaScript library for everyday things, like creating popups, tab menus, tables and lists with “zebra”-style and etc… But the really special thing is: you can do these things in regular CSS. Just include MoreCSS.js and an external stylesheet file in your page header. And then you can use MoreCSS properties like normal CSS properties.

a {

Requirements: –
Demo: http://yellowgreen.de/morecss
License: Creative Commons License

  • Jeroen Keukendeur

    Dang!! Handy! :D

  • Whoa! That’s awesome! I’m so abusing this. *muhaha*

  • Nice idea, but the css will not be valid! :(

  • @Mr.MoOx, there is the option of injecting the extended stylesheet using JS… Then again, it’s going to take some time before the additional styles get applied (like in Safari) – unless you do a ugly doc.write.

    Anyway, the idea itself is very ‘rad’ indeed.

  • qqrq

    The idea behind this stuff is great – same as with Jaxer server, but I’d rather stay with more “valid” (as Mr.MoOx said) solutions. But the whole concept is fantastic.

  • Too bad the website is in German / the links “about” etc. don’t work. I’d love to try this thing out, but I’d really love to see a demo first.

  • Hm, wait a minute… It doesn’t work in Firefox 3b3, that will be a problem. Otherwise, it’s cool.

  • Looking more closely, I think it’s a garbage.
    For certain features, it mixes formatting and behavior. And the behavior is for Javascript!

    PS: remember I’m french, so excuse me for my english

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