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Javascript Image Cropper UI using Prototype & Scriptaculous

Posted · Category: BSD License, Tools

The JavaScript image cropper UI allows the user to crop an image using an interface with the same features and styling as found in commercial image editing software, and is is based on the Prototype JavaScript framework and script.aculo.us. Drag to draw areas, selection area can be moved and resized. It allows dynamic preview of resultant crop (if minimum width & height are provided), this is implemented as a subclass so can be removed if not required. All functionality & display compatible with most popular browsers.


Requirements: IE 6 & 5.5, Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5 & 9.0b, Camino 1.0, Safari 2.0
Demo: http://www.defusion.org.uk/demos/060519/cropper.php
License: BSD License

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