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Piwik – Open Source Web Analytics

Posted · Category: GPL License, Stats

Piwik is an open source web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages, the search engines keywords and etc… Piwik is built with plugins: you can add new features and remove the ones you don’t need. Piwik being installed on your server, the data is stored in your own database. You can very easily embed your graphs in your blog or website or dashboard.



If you are a developer, you can definitely help. One of their main mid term objective is to make it easy for external developers to build plugins for Piwik. Help is also welcome if you want to work on the core of Piwik: there are lots of interesting problems to solve, new features to implement and bugs to fix.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://piwik.org/blog/piwik-open-source-web-analytics/
License: GPL License

  • qqrq

    Come on, this is alpha version… I thought WebAppers present best and “readdy to use” software – I prefer stable analog 6.0 than piwik alpha, even if it looks awsome and so Web 2.0. ;)

  • Why not just use Google Analytics?

  • I wish awsats had that thing where I could post the data onto my website.. :(

  • John Leitch

    One to keep an eye on I think. Personally I loved using Mint (http://haveamint.com/), but not willing to shed $30 for every site I run :(

    Google wins at this game I think!

  • unbelievable bad designed application. i´m sticking with google-analytics …

  • Looks alright for an alpha. Lots more work to go!

  • I’ll go with Stef, whats wrong with Google Analytics?

  • John Leitch

    I only like mint because it looks pretty. But as far as actual analytics is concerned – Google is king at the game (especially since its free)

  • Superb application! Stef, many times google analytics it’s not the best solution, specially for certain type of sites.

  • Why NOT go with google?

    Google monitor all your searches and where you go on the internet (adwords are on most sites) they time how long you are on a site before your next search.

    They also use analytics to monitor all sorts about you and where you browse.

    Also as a site owner you give google a HELL of a lot of very valuable info about your site using analytics.

    So it kinda comes down to – do you trust google? Do you care about who is looking at all your site stats?

    Personally I don’t care, but I’m glad piwik is around if I did care :-)

    It’s all about privacy and choice ;-)


    BTW piwik charts are amazing ;-)

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  • Why NOT use Google? Well, other than the obvious aspect of Google continuing to keep their Analytics software proprietary… Projects like Piwik give hope to the open source development community by providing alternatives against the big names… That’s why some people would choose to NOT go with Google (among other big names). :)


    – Josh

  • Mrx

    Google analytics is a privacy nightmare. They give away so they can collect information about YOU.

    Unfortunately, Piwik is a security nightmare. I set it up to track two websites and it was hacked ( the user table was reset to zero ) in less then 1/2 hour.

  • pascal

    Mrx, if you think there might be a security problem, you should tell the development team. However for your problem it seems more like a wrong manipulation.

  • Sorry to necro comment this thread, but as it links up there with searches on Piwik Security, I figured I’d post this for others who read Mrx’s comment above.

    I’ve been an open source software user for MANY years now. To share some common sense security nightmare reduction ideas for ANY open source software, see the rules below.

    #1. When installing open source software soultions on your hosting account, NEVER, and I repeat this NEVER NEVER install to the default location. Pick something obscure to make hackers lives harder.

    #2. When installing open source software on a production server, if the install allows you to change database table prefixes, ALWAYS do so.

    #3. REMOVE install folders unless the software developers give some indication that the files are needed, or at least restrict access to the folder through some means to prevent any IP accessing that folder but your own.

    #4. If the software developers coded a means to change the name of the initializing file, ALWAYS do so, and as in #1 above, choose something obscure.

    The problem with most open source software nightmare security issues is the fact that people install the software out of the box without changeing the defaults. Open source software is, well, open source. The default installs are known and are prime EASY targets for any “hacker”. Doing your own part to obscure server paths by changeing default install procedures will go a LONG way to helping secure your software.

    James R. Sanders
    Sanders Consultation Group Plus
    Website Design, SEO, SEM, and tutorials for budding website designers.

  • Piwik is a fantastic alternative to Google analytics offering an open source platform unlike any other tools online.

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