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iCarousel – Open Source Carousel Like Widgets

Posted · Category: Menu, MIT License

One of the most common problems a web developer usually face is related to continuously rotate a fragment of content. It can be a presentation of headlines, small fragments of news or a list of thumbnails. The nature of the thing being rotated doesn’t matter too much here because all those kind of applications share always the same idea: Rotating. This objective can be achieve in different ways like fading and scrolling. Well here is iCarousel becomes useful. It’s a one step forward trying to generalize all those types of widgets providing a rich presentation and making the task easy to be done.



Requirements: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari
Demo: http://zendold.lojcomm.com.br/icarousel/
License: MIT License

  • I wonder if it’s possible to integrate this with LightBox!

  • I don’t see why not. In fact it should be easy, as pretty much all of the light boxes only need a rel attribute specified.

  • m4c

    Heavy code, browser halt until it loaded and I must continue by the hand…

  • Edwin

    Cool stuff!

  • I’m trying to use iCarousel for my site i have it working ok but for the design im implamenting I want to use more then one on a single page dose anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for all your help

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