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Spam Proof Email Generator – Email Addresses on Images

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The spam bots search the websites and create mailing list to send the spam. They take the email addresses written on your website page in text format and send you spam emails.

The spam bots are not able to read the email addresses written on a image (picture format). So to fool them we can create our email addresses written on a image. There is a free service called Spam Proof eMail Generator where you can just enter your email address, choose colors and font types and create a picture of your email address automatically for you.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.spam-proof-email-generator.com/
License: License Free

  • very good and simple solution…

    where do you think we can you use this at most….share some common places where we can avoid displaying of these email addresses.

  • Ryan

    Spam bots can get past Captcha’s so I have no doubt they’ll get past images.

  • honeycut

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if spam-proof-email-generator.com was just an email harvesting scam by spammers.

    Hmmm… no privacy policy. Don’t think I’ll enter my email address thanks.

  • Interesting comment honeycut… has now got me questioning it!

  • qqrq

    honeycut => That’s why I entered fake address ;)
    Ryan => They do, you’re right. This is only a protection against simple spam-bots (even if our generated image is “blury”). I think the hardest CAPTCHA’s to beat are those with merged letters – Google does that kinds of stuff.

  • K1LLeR

    I’ve tried to use it but generated image is not even readable by human. And you have to rely on outsourced website which is a bit scary. Why not to use javascript encoding?

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  • Didn’t work in Firefox… IE7 worked fine, but service returned a broken image link – something went wrong with GD lib I guess.

  • As it was already pointed out, parsing text out of images is trivial. Furthermore this “security through obfuscation” comes at the expense of users (they now have to manually type up emails, which could be error prone).

  • rob

    seems like a simple img could be made in photoshop to replicate this in better quality. the output looks kind of pixelated.

    i use emailmeform.com no bots can harvest whats not there!

  • Images also make it ugly for a casual user to use the email address. This feels like prisoning me at home to protect me from terrorist. No thanks.

  • uhm

    wouldnt this be an amazing way to collect email addresses for… spamming?.. I don’t mean to play the devil’s advocate… but really, if I wanted to get email addresses for a spam company I’d pull some shit like this… *enter your email address here for an easy way to avoid spam!*

  • Oliver

    I fail to see how this would be of any use, I assume if you put your email address on a sight it’s for people to contact you, all your doing by making it an image (a rather poor one at that) is add a step between you and customer, which most would find annoying. I have spam filters to sort out the rubbish.

  • another great tool. this is very usefull to put in my blog sites. webappers, you guys rock, i love your blog.

  • this seems dumb, waste of a time to create. Its super easy to just make a pic of your email you can even do it in paint, doesn’t like such a great tool, more like a waste of space on a computer

  • Hi Guys,

    Well i am the owner of spam proof email generator.
    Interesting topic going on here.

    Well firstly, thanks webappers, for posting here and sharing with others.

    Regarding the email address to be shared:
    Well the reputation of futerox the parent company is well knowned and we have worked with 100’s of clients in web development in USA and UK. If i was about to sell email list or so, i would have purchased this domain under domain proxy so that no body would ever know about us and we can sell the email list.

    So its a matter of trust for a service like this, if you feel good about it, trust it and use, we have more projects coming like this.

    Our another website is lovequotescollection.com in which we have a daily subscriber list for quote of the day, well, what i can say, i never checked how many emails are registered per day. Its huge but i never care about selling those.

    Earning adsense income , providing good quality content and building websites is our business and we are quite happy with it.

    Oh, regarding privacy policy, i will write one and post on the website soon. So guys dont worry and use it if you like.

    I wrote this program because i was looking for something like this on the web and could not find a quality solution. And finally i had to open photoshop and create an email address in picture, then save it, open ftp program, upload to server, write html code to use on the webpage.

    So many steps, so just created this for everybody else out there.

    Hope that helps you and everybody who are looking to use it or share it.

    Pushpak Bhatia

  • I don’t think this application is used to collect e-mail adresses and sell them.

    I manage quite a few mail servers, if I look at the way spam reaches these mail server I believe crawling for adresses isn’t the common way used by spam bots. Most of the spam I see isn’t adressed to existing users but at random names sort of “randomname@domain.tld”. For example sales@ or info@ will receive more spam than pieter-jan@ (pieter-jan is a common Flemish name). And I recieve as good as non spam at something@subdomain.domain.tld… So for example, the e-mail adresses I use for instant messaging (name@im.domain.tld) are as good as spam free.

    Also I think this isn’t the best way to show your users the contact adresses. If you run a good spam filter everything is fine. I personally use vcards for my clients, and nobody is arguing about the spam they get…

    Sorry for my English writing skills but I’m not native English.

  • what about this old tip “someone at somewhere dot com” ?
    it doesn’t work anymore ?

  • qqrq

    I’ve written before, that Google’s CAPTCHA’s is hardest to beat. Well, recently I’ve found article, that Google’s CAPTCHA has probably been hacked. For everyone, who knows Polish (no english version on this site I’m afraid): http://webhosting.pl/kategorie/bezpieczenstwo/2008_02/captcha_google_a_zlamana

  • Roger Barnes

    Minito, “someone at somewhere dot com” and many variations are just as easy to scan for as someone@somewhere.com.

    I’ve used further obfuscations, such as “some one –who is at– somwhere d0t com”, but then people get confused.

  • Don’t know if usability is your friend, but just use text links. Users are all about dumb and dumber, so don’t make it hard to understand. Just spend the time you’ll be spending in anti spambot hacks in configuring your spamfilter.

    I know people that are 35 and don’t understand what to do with such an e-mail-image ;)

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